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Paris Roof Tops

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                                             Photo by Mia Leventhal




Paris Roof Tops/Mia Leventhal

Paris Roof Tops

What a place to be

When thought

Never stops…



( To be continued..perhaps.. 🙂    )

*Taken from my poetry site Soul Revelations


I am Love

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Sometimes life can be very challenging.. shaking us up a bit..leaving us overwhelmed.
As a result we ask ourselves ..why? What is going on..?
It is then, more than ever for us to remember WHO WE ARE..for despite the attitude of others towards us, their expression of their own loss of self..we must ALWAYS remember our True selves..
WE ARE us, is a seed of love that wraps us up in warmth,purity and beauty…a Graceful power that heals both ourselves and our surroundings..if we only ALLOW it..

So, look into your inner seed today, allow it to heal you, comfort and sooth you, allow it to beam to all those around you from within.Cherish and honor yourself today, for YOU ARE LOVE !

* Small reminder that I am still settling in new location and preparing for the relaunch of Kahliya`s activity and reopening of the shop! Can`t wait! Stay tuned! Hope to be back in full creativity soooooooon!

Much Love,


Happy Birthday Maya Angelou!

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Happy Birthday Maya Angelou..! ♥

Words can never express my gratitude for your inspiration…and so I will express in the best way possible…I WILL RISE ♥ ♥ ♥
Much Love, Mia Leventhal.

And still I rise/ Maya Angelou

I wish to purify myself

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I wish to purify myself/Mia Leventhal


I wish

To become

Once again whole.


I wish

To strip myself

Of shadows

Reminding me

Of illusionary foes.

I wish to stretch myself

Beyond limits,

And stand tall

On the tip of my toes.


I wish to move through fear

And all inner chatter

To clear.

I cherish this existence,

It is,

So Dear..

*Taken from my poetry site Soul revelations