Movin` Down South..

Once again things are shifting…I`ve decided to move down to the South of France.. towards the sun*, simplicity and warmth of heart..
Settling in Tourves, a small village.. no apt yet..staying with a friend..hope to find something soon..the sun and simplicity are my new escorts..cant wait to settle, create a home and get back to work again…its been a very long stretch..sending love to all of you.

May this new door open . . and may my new chapter commence.. open sesame…  🙂

This is why I am moving to the village in the south…this is one of my new friends..Said..he brought over a bag of fresh Fava beans as he knows I love ”Foul”  and stayed over to help peel them…No matter where I am I will always search f…or simplicity.. and when I`ve found other souls who share with me this Joy.. I know I`ve found the true value of existence.. right there.. in our simple yet warm embrace of togetherness…AMen..OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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