Beautiful world just beneath our fingertips…

Well…you can count on me to find the only existing Egyptian in the whole area of villages here..! What a great guy Akram and his lovely Italian wife Simone who have a sandwich place in the near village.
When I told him I am half Egyptian and asked him if he serves “Foul” and “Houmus” , his eyes were shining..being the sole Egyptian in the area, he was so excited! He just came back from Visiting Cairo and said although he never managed to sell these dishes in the area, he took out what he had brought back for himself from home for the upcoming Ramadan..He was pleased to hear that my family lives in Tel Aviv and that I am devoted to Peace in the region as he wishes for so much himself.. what a wonderful encounter…brushing up on Egyptian expressions and dishes..reliving what we miss…I have made myself some more new wonderful friends..! A beautiful world is just there…just beneath our fingertips…shall we reach out and touch it..? Amen

In deep gratitude

Much Love,





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