Special Rendez vous ~




Have you ever met Beauty in your saddest moment..?
I know it sounds weird..
But seriously.. as weird as it may seem, have you ever felt ..for even a tiny second.. a swift glimpse of heightened emotions from within the swamp of sadness, a certain “high” for a brief second that arises upon it all and just takes you into a lightness.. a beauty.. a brief encounter with the understanding.. that it`s all ok.. that we are all ok.. all the players in the act are only doing what they can.. going through whatever they`re going through .. and everything is just as it should be…and that it is actually not only all ok…but somewhat in a strange unexplainable way.. Beautiful..?
I guess this is pure understanding that arises from the depths of the soul and manages to briefly break through all our barriers of fear , to catch that glimpse and then subside back into ”comfortable” known zone.. But what if we would have the courage to stretch that glimpse a tiny bit further.. and further…  into understanding we can actually rest there.. and live on from there…now wouldn’t that be truly beautiful..

Just a thought..

Much Love



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