New Beginning ~


It has been a few months now since I went through a bit of a dramatic experience .. its been yet since then quite a bumpy and challenging ride when all the while all I really yearned for was my own space to be able to heal and restart my life.. and all that I hung onto all this time were my inner dreams and projects of promoting love in this world which I hold dear to heart.. With the shedding of my belongings and outer reality I have faced once again a huge test and apprenticeship, for which I dare say I am so proud to have surpassed.. for despite the difficulties, there was never a doubt in my mind of the continuation of my path, as I continued to pursue as I could, conditions allowing, and knew deep in my heart I would continue and pick up as soon as I could.. Today I have finally found an apt . We have yet to sign these days, but it feels good, it feels right, and I am ever so grateful to the people who have tried their best to arrange this introduction and to all those who have helped me up to this point. The reason it feels right is because everyone involved in this came from a pure Generous and Honest Heart, and that’s why its Golden, and that’s how the Universe truly functions and flows towards Abundance and Joy*. That’s what I wish for Myself and for All of You…NEVER accept ANYTHING that is NOT PURE from HONESTY and LOVE and this way  we shall reopen the gateways to ALL that we deserve and appreciate in this Existence.. Amen I am looking forward to opening the door to my NEW REALITY.
Thank you Universe for you are so kind .
Much Love to All

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