Home to me ~


This past week hasn’t been easy.. I`m extremely grateful to have found a home.. and such a sweet one as well! I`ve managed to finish organizing almost everything asides from some bits and odds here and there.. and it is definitely starting to feel like ‘Home’.. But after having been ”on the road” for a while following the events I`ve passed, having a home now serves also as a safe haven to be able to finally heal that which needs to be healed after holding it in for so long.. and so it gently creeps out of the cracks and comes to say hello..Im here..
And yet part of this long awaited luxury of having a home.. allows me to heal the way I know best..in my creative work.. and so I gently truly return “Home” to me..to parts of me which have long waited.. I feel once again the beauty in all processes.. I feel blessed..
Looking forward to sharing my renewed creativity with you soon..
Much Love to All


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