“Healing Pleasures” Massage oils by Kahliya





With the cooler season around the corner, its time once again to turn more inwards to ourselves, taking more care, nourishing body and soul, giving oneself more attention, finding balance and healing from everyday stress.
One of the ways to do this is with the help of Essences from Nature.

I would like to draw your attention to what I`ve written about Essential Oils on my site Kahliya adjoining the presentation of Kahliya`s line of Massage Oils! With a special gift of guidance to self massage 🙂  ENjoy!




I am in the midst of preparing the new batch for the season as my relocation has brought me to search for new bottles etc

Stay tuned , I will update here when its all ready..meantime stay warm stay cozy..take good care of yourselves!

Much Love


Re-post : Cream of Sweet Potato soup







Weather cooling down.. it`s even raining here today…calling for some cozy time snuggled up in the warm and having some comfort food…

Re-posting this so simple and healthy yet comforting Creamy soup..ENjoy! 🙂


For recipe:


Pieces coming back together II …





It has been such an intense battle ..but there are always Angels when you least expect them..for whom I am EXTREMELY GRATEFUL 
Who show they truly believe in you..even if many others don`t..

Today a lady I met recently has bought me 2 sewing sets full of threads pins and needles for me to be able to return to my Sewing work.. I was left speechless..and in tears..
And then after receiving yesterday my Artwork, I received today my Sewing Mannequin and Sewing Machine along with some personal affairs..I just couldn`t stop crying.. I don`t think I`d ever be able to explain..after the attempts to strip one of one`s dignity, with all the challenges, I am Proud to say I came out Shining..even if I am still struggling, and I KNOW this is the Confirmation from the Universe as well as a Sign to get back to ME and my Work..and So I shall… AMen.. 
And to those Angels who have come my way to support me, words do not suffice to express my Gratitude..
Much Love , Mia 

Tiptoeing into my own Existence/ Mia Leventhal








As I tiptoe into

My own Existence

I gently Release

All Resistance,

Tuning into

Sheer Persistence.

I Dive Deep Down

Inside Myself
Delicately Unraveling

All the Ties, The knots

The Wraps,

Which have caused

All the ‘Mishaps’,

Though had their purpose


I Strive toward my Excellence

Having passed my Apprenticeship well.

Dear World,

I am Ready

I have a story to tell..


*Taken from my poetry site ” Soul Revelations”