Pieces coming back together II …





It has been such an intense battle ..but there are always Angels when you least expect them..for whom I am EXTREMELY GRATEFUL 
Who show they truly believe in you..even if many others don`t..

Today a lady I met recently has bought me 2 sewing sets full of threads pins and needles for me to be able to return to my Sewing work.. I was left speechless..and in tears..
And then after receiving yesterday my Artwork, I received today my Sewing Mannequin and Sewing Machine along with some personal affairs..I just couldn`t stop crying.. I don`t think I`d ever be able to explain..after the attempts to strip one of one`s dignity, with all the challenges, I am Proud to say I came out Shining..even if I am still struggling, and I KNOW this is the Confirmation from the Universe as well as a Sign to get back to ME and my Work..and So I shall… AMen.. 
And to those Angels who have come my way to support me, words do not suffice to express my Gratitude..
Much Love , Mia 


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