“Kahliya”`s Journey & Rebirth

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Embroidered sign by Mia Leventhal for Kahliya

As long as I can remember myself I was always touching one art or craft or another..till I concentrated more on painting, though continued to always create all kinds of things..always intrigued by new sources and materials..and continuously in awe of Creation itself..the gifts Nature offers  us  as well as the different colorful gifts all races of humanity bring us.. I set out to roam the world in search of a spiritual quest..inspired by traditional customs and knowledge I have found among the people and lands I have visited..
While living in Paris some 15 yrs ago ,I started to create the seed of a universe of mine in which I can touch all these magical gifts I’ve receive and create messages of love from this integration to the world through my eyes..and hands..

28191_129696383722380_7869997_n       Me in my studio in Paris about 15 yrs ago..whipping up the seed essence of “Kahliya”

One Night in a dream the name “Kahliya” came to me..I understood it represented a very powerful energetic message on many levels, of BEAUTY.. Hence the first seed of “Kahliya – Beauty with a message” was born on that day.

The sources of the Name  “Kahliya” follow through ancient languages of Sanscrit and Mythological Greek which lead back to important deeper sources of Beauty, Beauty of kindness and love.

It is my purest intention through Kahliya to eternally explore Beauty on this earth, which I feel to be more present in traditional somewhat lost ways..
The beauty of Healing which Mother Earth offers us all around her bountiful blossoms.. a knowledge we tend to overlook for the quick synthetic modern solutions..a beauty that holds within so many resolves for our overall well being..

The Beauty of craft.. the love our ancestors knew to convey within their gestures into material to make our lives more comforted, joyful and warm our hearts all in a full respectful cycle of creation with every stitch and carve they relayed..forever carrying onwards such a deep message .

The Beauty of loving one another, all our different brothers and sisters walking this earth , bringing us back together dispelling resentment and misunderstanding which blocks our flow of creative vital joy, delivering a renewed message of union, understanding and love.

Since it`s initial birth, “Kahliya” has commenced on a journey, and has gone through several different phases, as the journey of life itself. This Journey has been very colorful, rich in acquiring knowledge and lessons.

There have been highs as there have been lows..there have been twists and turns..but never for one moment have I let go of the vision I carry, of my devotion to the message of Beauty.

“Kahliya” has been to Turkey, Israel & Palestine, Cyprus, UK  and has now come full circle to its place of Birth, France, to relaunch itself proud and happy after Growing and collecting rich gifts from all these places on it`s journey.

Please welcome Kahliya`s Rebirth, and checkout a display of images through all of Kahliya`s phases.. Thank you for being part of this journey and for tuning into this new wonderful journey ahead !
Welcome to celebrating a world of Beauty, in joyful respect of creation itself, Welcome to Kahliya!


Adjoining the images is the Beautiful song ” It`s Time ” from the new Cd ” Effortless ” by Julie Rust  a soulful artist and a dear friend who has been supporting Kahliya`s journey with her amazing spirit. Julie`s music touches very deep and resonates with us all, I am truly honored to have her presence escort this rebirth as you can see each word says it all…please make sure to visit her site and checkout her gifts!

Much Love,


Integrity- Acting on our Pure Truth..






When we act out of our Purest Integrity at All times, the Universe Provides us with ALL we need.
Acting out of Fear and Panic for our own Well being and choosing the lesser choices ends up only Harming us, where as when we act with Faith and choose our Truth , even in the “Dark”, we are granted all we truly need and more in the most surprising ways.. 

Much Love

Mia Leventhal