Smoky Bliss Healing Necklace & Pouch


Proud of Kahliya`s Newest creation!

Another Long Unisex Healing Necklace and pouch…this one is so warm, Grounding and Chic!

Isnt it Gorgeous?!

For more details click on the link underneath the image! 🙂

Much Love,




Smoky Bliss Smoky Quartz and Olive Wood Healing Necklace and Pouch

Separating Pearls From Dirt





I love my work
Part of the reason I love my work is

That if I pay attention
It is constantly offering me these very picturesque images

from which to learn about life

It has been said, “An Image is worth a thousand words”

And this is just one more way that spirit chooses very creatively to deliver messages.

As I`ve been working on Crystal necklaces lately, I have the crystals by the window on my work table, for them to continue to absorb the Sun`s rays  recharging them with light energy.

I also have a few flower pots on the window sill. One day it was very windy, and my Rose plant just tipped over the sill onto my table and covered all my crystals with a whole lot of Dirt.

At first I was really annoyed..
But I sat to delicately sift the crystals from the dirt in order to wash them with water and I realised something..I Was PICKING one by one , Crystal by Crystal with a tweezer out of the DIRT.

While basically Soil is actually not a bad thing,  especially for crystals, as they are from earth, and this is all nature`s source..but to the point of the matter, it is unwanted and not beneficial for the purpose of creating a lovely healing Crystal necklace..
And so..I wonder…

Is it not time we sift the Pearls from the Dirt to take with us on our journey in order for us to shine?

Upon experiencing life, there are always pearls to take with us from what we go through..letting go of the painful memories..forgiving and taking with you that which brings a smile..there is always a pearl of beauty to take with you on your way..release the rest and AVANTI towards your Brilliant Destiny of Being Fully YOU 🙂
In the same respect let go of your own fears and doubts that are blocking yourself to shine..

Lets go,

“All Aboard”

To becoming our True Shining Selves!

Much Love,



Reminder of Light*




” I Am Light” Embroidered Message by Kahliya


Even Light* workers have Dark moments

As we unceasingly attempt to shift the Dark

Into Light*

Our own Darkness as well as that which we find around us.

It is imperative to remember at all times we are light*

at the very core of our Being.

In moments in which we have difficulty remembering this,

We must refer to whatever we have in our personal lives

that can remind us,

Whether it be an activity that connects us with our joy;

A photo of ourselves in a moment in which we were shining;

A symbol of some sort of an achievement

or of a target yet to achieve;

A representative of ever flourishing Nature;

a flower or herb plant,

or a favorite Crystal ready at all times to beam back light into our hearts;

A piece of  art we love ,reminding us of the beauty always existing…


Whatever you choose

Be sure to Embellish your space

With a symbol of Light*

in those moments

to act as a kind reminder!


Sometimes darkness Abounds..

For whatever reason this may be,

We must Always remember

The Light* that resides within.

As Each and every one of us

Carries a Seed

Of this Light*

Which Unites us all to the Divine.

We are able at all times,

To tune into this Light

And Shine.

So, when in doubt , Fear or pain,

Please look within,

And find that little flame

Eternally burning

Awaiting you to claim..

Shine`th thy Light!


I am Light*/ Mia Leventhal

I have been

Deep down under
I have seen

Tremendous thunder

So many times

I have Floundered


Never have I truly wondered

as deep down inside

I have known

The secret of my birthright


and I have the Might



*poem taken from my poetry site Soul Revelations


Note; The embroidered message above is part of  Kahliya`s  Humanitarian Project / Aakhda , purchasing one of these products will help bring light to others and fund this important project, thank you ! 🙂

Much Love,


Truth Not Fear





Today I want to talk to you about TRUTH
and how our FEAR InterFEARS with our sense of TRUTH..

Sometimes we are challenged by situations inwhich we feel our Truth threatened..or inwhich we feel very much confused and at difficulty to face crucial decisions in our lives.

Our Truth is where its at..obviously..and is the only way to go..
The only thing creating that inner debate is our Fear..

Our Fear..that we are not able for one reason or another to follow through on our truth..that we will not be supported..

Psss…Guess what? YOU WILL BE SUPPORTED every inch of the way by the Universe if you FOLLOW YOUR TRUTH

The only thing that can go wrong with that if you invite your fears to come into play and change the course of things..
If you stand tall and Believe in Yourself and in your truth..the Universe will back you up all the way!

Not clear on what your truth is on the matter?

Connect to something that you are absolutely sure IS your truth and makes you feel Great about You.

When in that energy, you`ll find it much easier and clearer as to what else represents your truth and makes you feel this good about you.

Its that easy.

Anything else should fall away, and clarity should come about,

As you focus on your highest vibration and your Fullest Soul existence.


Today I Shall Die to All that is a lie/Mia Leventhal

I shall Die
To All
That is a Lie

Today I shall Die
To all which
Allows me not
To fly

Today I shall
look you straight
In the eye
If ye
Shall not meet me there
I shall not sigh,
Nor shall I cry.

For I have mountains
To climb
Rivers to swim
My companion
The Blessed sun in the sky.

Today I shall Die
To All that is a lie
I shall never again
Ask why ~

* Poem taken from my poetry site : “Soul Revelations

Much Love,


Do the Shuffle :)



So has the Full Moon Vibe pull you into the deep.. leaving you a bit heavy and lost..?
No worries.. 🙂
If you`re feeling stuck.. no matter what the reason is..all you have to do is

Do the “Shuffle” ! 🙂

Your energies may be low and stuck..and all you have to do is shuffle them around and raise the vibration!

You can do this in so many ways.. you just have to pick the easiest and most comfortable for you..whatever you start with will get things moving for you in one way and without realising it you`re on your way on a whole new vibe ride,

Yeah! 🙂

Dancing is one great way..just watch the clip above and try to join in.. or put your favorite song on, one that will pick you up and just let it carry you into another energy level.
Even if you cant physically dance,that shouldnt stop you! Tuning into the vibe of the song will do wonders and it is your spirit that soars!

Lately I have seen this clip and it really did the trick for me! Children just have this natural sense of joy..and African children in particular have this innate undisrupted ability to express and celebrate life in dance, check this out!




Shifting energy can be done by going out for a walk , or just doing something you haven`t done in a while or even EVER!
Energy that stagnates cannot be moved by doing the same old same old..something has to be moved around and ”shuffled”.. like moving around the furniture..or changing any little detail in your space to make it more pleasing for you.

Change the way you do things and move out of your limiting comfort zone to do so.. and Don`t wait for anyone`s approval to do so..just GO 🙂
New has to come in.. add some flowers; a picture or that fun photo of you that you always wanted to hang on the wall.. invite into your space some kind of reminder of joy!

Go for it Today!

Have fun 🙂

Much Love,


Full Moon Intentions May 2014

Tonight is a Full Moon

Full moon carry very High Energy

On which we can “ride” in sending out our innermost intention to be fulfilled.

As many of us have had hard times lately, going through yet more rounds of lessons unfinished though very much wanting to move onwards..

Lets put our purest intentions out there! 🙂

* If you cant see the Affirmation message clearly, just click on the image to enlarge!


Much Love,



Brocante Adventures

Yeahhhh! Im so excited I wanted to share..
Today I went over to the Brocante , one of my favorite adventures as I get to travel to all sorts of time episodes and countries and cultures all in one place and time. It`s just so awesome and I get to learn so much!

I saw this beautiful piece and wondered what it is..My friend explained to me it was called a “brodeuse” on which the Nuns used to do their embroidery work! Wow.. as an embroider myself I now understood why I was so attracted! But I didnt even know that Nuns used to do embroidery work..or perhaps somewhere in another life of mine I “Knew”…hmmmm 🙂

On the small inner rack they would put their bobbins of string and on the Burgundy cushioned top they would do their embroidery!

Unfortunately it was too expensive for me to purchase…I could easily see myself doing my work on…. It`s interesting..but they say pieces of furniture do carry energy..and I could sense something very delicately poised emitted from that piece even though I had no idea what it was..




Having said that dont worry I did not come out empty handed 🙂

I found something else that brought me back to another time I feel in my own line of lifetime experiences..

These two Apothecary ceramic Jars for Verveine and Menthe .Not only do I love and use those herbs for tea..but like I said, that old Apothecary connects me to parts of me I have been in another life and have been as long as I remember in this lifetime here we go..this is my sign to dig further into my much loved Herb world 🙂

Aren`t they just Gorgeous?

Till next time..I think I may continue to share my Brocante adventures 🙂

Stay tuned!

Much Love,