Start Again







ok so you fell..
So what..

So you fell again..

So you fell for the millionth time..

So What..?

If you`ve been on this journey of “self improvement”

You may very well have been around the block quite a few times

Finding yourself once too many let`s say : Doing this that or the other to block your flow

Of Divine know the one you have been born with and are carrying within you to manifest your soul purpose… now you kind of know it all..
You know you shouldn` know you`re carrying a lot of negatives due to what ever or who ever , that you`ve picked up along the way..

SO what..

Yes..sometimes it`s a long journey..with a lot of twists and turns..

Sometimes you think you got it..and you`re on your way to shine

and Boom..

just one more take on ”cant do it”

For whatever reason..

There comes a point where you`ve analysed it all

and you`re just tired..tired of finding yourself not breaking through..

Guess what

For whatever reason your higher self took you through yet another round of whatever it is you don`t like to see

Because there was still something for you to see

still something you`re not quite ready to let go of

even if you know it is blocking your freedom..

Be gentle on yourself


Be kind

Dont be harsh on yourself

Tend to the inner frightened self

That still needs some attention

Some care

Some healing

And guess what the best part is?

There is no limit on starting again

No one is counting your rounds

And the Universe is NEVER limiting you

It Is ALWAYS ready for you to

Pick yourself up

Brush yourself

Stand tall

Once again



More confident

and Start again.

There is absolutely nothing lost within these rounds no matter how many they are

you ARE Growing and you Are Getting that much Closer to your Goal

It Takes a whole lot of Will &  Determination

But that is exactly what will take you where you want to be

To Be YOU!

Much Love,




One Response to “Start Again”

  1. Reblogged this on Kahliya-logue and commented:

    I am reposting this..
    I believe it may be appropriate to many of us..
    Be gentle on yourselves..
    Love to all ❤


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