1, 2, 3 Magic Trick!






Ok let`s concentrate on this little Magic trick that can shift things all around in a minute.

We all need something like that don`t we? 😉
Here we go..

Lets say you encounter a troublesome situation

Of Any kind

And you say to yourself

Oh Boy

I don`t need this now..

Guess what?

You DON`T 🙂

Whatever it is..

Even if its “Important”

Step back a minute

Disconnect from all that this triggers in you

Fear, Anger, Frustration, Hurt ..

Disconnect from any Energy this seems to bring.

Go Back into your Own SOURCE Energy which is PURE at all times,

Unrelated to Events of any kind


Your Source Self


That Everything is OK

And that everything has a Positive result

if You ALLOW it

And Not Give into the Negative Energy that arises from the issue at Hand.



How do we do that?


That`s the Magic trick.

BREATHING Slowly and Deeply

Allowing all that Oxygen in

Allows the Shift Needed for us to reconnect to Our Source Selves.

It Releases our Grip on the Negative instinctive response,

And Invites LIGHT* energy Into our beings

And into the situation.

As You Breathe,
Concentrate on Thinking Positive thoughts.

Insist on focusing on a Positive Outcome whatever that may be

You don`t even have to Plan what it may be

Just See it as being resolved in the best possible way for all involved

Because actually,

It IS Destined to do just That.. rather than  introducing our negative projected fears into the situation,

possibly causing a chaotic energetic field which takes things into another course..

Let`s shift this around

Shall we?


In and OUT

Slowly and Deeply







This is enough to allow you that pause of  GRACE

Blessing this situation with a whole other outcome.

Try it

You`ll like it 🙂


Much Love,




2 Responses to “1, 2, 3 Magic Trick!”

  1. Thank you for sharing 🙂 Blessings ❤


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