Choose Right..Choose the Light*





Each and every one of us is a child of light*

We have the choice

To walk the path

And make decisions

Which maintain our existence as such.

Life on Earth

Brings with it

Many Challenges

And these challenges

Many a times seem to threaten

That very existence

Yet it is ALWAYS

At Every given moment

And in Any situation

OUR Choice

To Choose the Light*

These situations may seem to threaten Us

Yet in fact

They are here to test

Our faith, Our Truth

And perfect our choice.

Sometimes the choice is difficult..and confusing

Though if we reach deep within our Heart

We know

What the right choice is.

Sometimes it may require from us to

Distance ourselves from a situation or person

For a short or definite time

No matter how close they are to us.

Sometimes we need to let go of an attachment

To our “Old self”

No Matter how well and long it has served us.

The Choice of Truth

And of Light*

Is of Great Might

and is demanding of Great Commitment.

Rest assured

No Matter how difficult the fork in the path

May be

And no matter

What Crisis

It May Bring

Your Determination to choose

The Choice Of Light*

That inwhich you were Created

And in which your Being BEAMS

WIll ALWAYS Be well Gratified

As you will ensure yourself

AN existence of Being WHOLE

And Whatever is to embrace you as a Whole Shining Being

WIll be there for you and with you

And whatever is not is released to find its way eventually to its own light.

So Encapsulate yourself today

Within your own light

Be the Being you are Born to Beam

Do What you need

To Bask in Your own Rays

And release ALL

That does not honor YOUR TRUE SHINING SELF.

And SO it is.


Much Love,





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