Brocante Adventures

Yeahhhh! Im so excited I wanted to share..
Today I went over to the Brocante , one of my favorite adventures as I get to travel to all sorts of time episodes and countries and cultures all in one place and time. It`s just so awesome and I get to learn so much!

I saw this beautiful piece and wondered what it is..My friend explained to me it was called a “brodeuse” on which the Nuns used to do their embroidery work! Wow.. as an embroider myself I now understood why I was so attracted! But I didnt even know that Nuns used to do embroidery work..or perhaps somewhere in another life of mine I “Knew”…hmmmm šŸ™‚

On the small inner rack they would put their bobbins of string and on the Burgundy cushioned top they would do their embroidery!

Unfortunately it was too expensive for me to purchase…I could easily see myself doing my work on…. It`s interesting..but they say pieces of furniture do carry energy..and I could sense something very delicately poised emitted from that piece even though I had no idea what it was..




Having said that dont worry I did not come out empty handed šŸ™‚

I found something else that brought me back to another time I feel in my own line of lifetime experiences..

These two Apothecary ceramic Jars for Verveine and Menthe .Not only do I love and use those herbs for tea..but like I said, that old Apothecary connects me to parts of me I have been in another life and have been as long as I remember in this lifetime here we go..this is my sign to dig further into my much loved Herb world šŸ™‚

Aren`t they just Gorgeous?

Till next time..I think I may continue to share my Brocante adventures šŸ™‚

Stay tuned!

Much Love,





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