Do the Shuffle :)



So has the Full Moon Vibe pull you into the deep.. leaving you a bit heavy and lost..?
No worries.. 🙂
If you`re feeling stuck.. no matter what the reason is..all you have to do is

Do the “Shuffle” ! 🙂

Your energies may be low and stuck..and all you have to do is shuffle them around and raise the vibration!

You can do this in so many ways.. you just have to pick the easiest and most comfortable for you..whatever you start with will get things moving for you in one way and without realising it you`re on your way on a whole new vibe ride,

Yeah! 🙂

Dancing is one great way..just watch the clip above and try to join in.. or put your favorite song on, one that will pick you up and just let it carry you into another energy level.
Even if you cant physically dance,that shouldnt stop you! Tuning into the vibe of the song will do wonders and it is your spirit that soars!

Lately I have seen this clip and it really did the trick for me! Children just have this natural sense of joy..and African children in particular have this innate undisrupted ability to express and celebrate life in dance, check this out!




Shifting energy can be done by going out for a walk , or just doing something you haven`t done in a while or even EVER!
Energy that stagnates cannot be moved by doing the same old same old..something has to be moved around and ”shuffled”.. like moving around the furniture..or changing any little detail in your space to make it more pleasing for you.

Change the way you do things and move out of your limiting comfort zone to do so.. and Don`t wait for anyone`s approval to do so..just GO 🙂
New has to come in.. add some flowers; a picture or that fun photo of you that you always wanted to hang on the wall.. invite into your space some kind of reminder of joy!

Go for it Today!

Have fun 🙂

Much Love,



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