Truth Not Fear





Today I want to talk to you about TRUTH
and how our FEAR InterFEARS with our sense of TRUTH..

Sometimes we are challenged by situations inwhich we feel our Truth threatened..or inwhich we feel very much confused and at difficulty to face crucial decisions in our lives.

Our Truth is where its at..obviously..and is the only way to go..
The only thing creating that inner debate is our Fear..

Our Fear..that we are not able for one reason or another to follow through on our truth..that we will not be supported..

Psss…Guess what? YOU WILL BE SUPPORTED every inch of the way by the Universe if you FOLLOW YOUR TRUTH

The only thing that can go wrong with that if you invite your fears to come into play and change the course of things..
If you stand tall and Believe in Yourself and in your truth..the Universe will back you up all the way!

Not clear on what your truth is on the matter?

Connect to something that you are absolutely sure IS your truth and makes you feel Great about You.

When in that energy, you`ll find it much easier and clearer as to what else represents your truth and makes you feel this good about you.

Its that easy.

Anything else should fall away, and clarity should come about,

As you focus on your highest vibration and your Fullest Soul existence.


Today I Shall Die to All that is a lie/Mia Leventhal

I shall Die
To All
That is a Lie

Today I shall Die
To all which
Allows me not
To fly

Today I shall
look you straight
In the eye
If ye
Shall not meet me there
I shall not sigh,
Nor shall I cry.

For I have mountains
To climb
Rivers to swim
My companion
The Blessed sun in the sky.

Today I shall Die
To All that is a lie
I shall never again
Ask why ~

* Poem taken from my poetry site : “Soul Revelations

Much Love,



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