Reminder of Light*




” I Am Light” Embroidered Message by Kahliya


Even Light* workers have Dark moments

As we unceasingly attempt to shift the Dark

Into Light*

Our own Darkness as well as that which we find around us.

It is imperative to remember at all times we are light*

at the very core of our Being.

In moments in which we have difficulty remembering this,

We must refer to whatever we have in our personal lives

that can remind us,

Whether it be an activity that connects us with our joy;

A photo of ourselves in a moment in which we were shining;

A symbol of some sort of an achievement

or of a target yet to achieve;

A representative of ever flourishing Nature;

a flower or herb plant,

or a favorite Crystal ready at all times to beam back light into our hearts;

A piece of  art we love ,reminding us of the beauty always existing…


Whatever you choose

Be sure to Embellish your space

With a symbol of Light*

in those moments

to act as a kind reminder!


Sometimes darkness Abounds..

For whatever reason this may be,

We must Always remember

The Light* that resides within.

As Each and every one of us

Carries a Seed

Of this Light*

Which Unites us all to the Divine.

We are able at all times,

To tune into this Light

And Shine.

So, when in doubt , Fear or pain,

Please look within,

And find that little flame

Eternally burning

Awaiting you to claim..

Shine`th thy Light!


I am Light*/ Mia Leventhal

I have been

Deep down under
I have seen

Tremendous thunder

So many times

I have Floundered


Never have I truly wondered

as deep down inside

I have known

The secret of my birthright


and I have the Might



*poem taken from my poetry site Soul Revelations


Note; The embroidered message above is part of  Kahliya`s  Humanitarian Project / Aakhda , purchasing one of these products will help bring light to others and fund this important project, thank you ! 🙂

Much Love,


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