Separating Pearls From Dirt





I love my work
Part of the reason I love my work is

That if I pay attention
It is constantly offering me these very picturesque images

from which to learn about life

It has been said, “An Image is worth a thousand words”

And this is just one more way that spirit chooses very creatively to deliver messages.

As I`ve been working on Crystal necklaces lately, I have the crystals by the window on my work table, for them to continue to absorb the Sun`s rays  recharging them with light energy.

I also have a few flower pots on the window sill. One day it was very windy, and my Rose plant just tipped over the sill onto my table and covered all my crystals with a whole lot of Dirt.

At first I was really annoyed..
But I sat to delicately sift the crystals from the dirt in order to wash them with water and I realised something..I Was PICKING one by one , Crystal by Crystal with a tweezer out of the DIRT.

While basically Soil is actually not a bad thing,  especially for crystals, as they are from earth, and this is all nature`s source..but to the point of the matter, it is unwanted and not beneficial for the purpose of creating a lovely healing Crystal necklace..
And so..I wonder…

Is it not time we sift the Pearls from the Dirt to take with us on our journey in order for us to shine?

Upon experiencing life, there are always pearls to take with us from what we go through..letting go of the painful memories..forgiving and taking with you that which brings a smile..there is always a pearl of beauty to take with you on your way..release the rest and AVANTI towards your Brilliant Destiny of Being Fully YOU 🙂
In the same respect let go of your own fears and doubts that are blocking yourself to shine..

Lets go,

“All Aboard”

To becoming our True Shining Selves!

Much Love,




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