Acknowledging your dark side/ Natalie Glasson

If you are experiencing deep arising pain, fear and darkness these days, this channelled message is extremely important in shedding some light and helping to deal.

This message helped me so much and I feel inclined to share for the aid of whoever is in need..
Much Love & Light to All of you ,

Mia ❤


Acknowledging Your Dark Side by Archangel Metatron
Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 26th June
It is with great unconditional love that I present my consciousness and energy to you now,
surrounding and embracing you completely in the divine vibrations of the Creator.
Something marvellous is occurring upon the Earth at this time and more importantly within the souls
and energies of humanity. People are being encouraged to acknowledge their dark side, to give the
darkness of any form, that they may hold onto, space within their beings to be heard and to be
observed. As the darkness arises it can create chaos as it influences and tries to control thoughts,
perspectives, opinions and even actions. The darkness seems to turn your divine and
acknowledged alignment to the Creator upside down, manifesting feelings of fear, stress, loss,
anger and confusion. The truth is that you are now in a space of power as you exist in the space of
love within you and so you as well as humanity are ready to deal with and face the darkness so it
may surface and be released eternally. In fact your dark side simply wishes to be acknowledged
after being ignored and striving to influence or control you to gain your attention, it simply wishes to
be in your presence as you give it your consideration.
Your dark side is an aspect of yourself that rejects love, is fearful of love and doesn’t want to be
loved by you, others or the Creator. It is the part of your being that fears the love of the Creator, this
fear can manifest for numerous reasons but it stems from the pain of the separation of the soul from
the Creator. Separation and the experience of existing without the Creator consciousness and
recognition that is your truth becomes familiar even though it is but a moment in your soul’s journey
upon the Earth. The grip you have upon your physical reality and personality could be recognised as
your dark side because it is holding you back in recognising your unity and oneness with the
While your dark side is fearful of being loved due to a fear of change and the constant flow of the
Creator, your dark side is a part of your being that wishes so deeply to be loved completely,
absolutely and eternally. The part of you that so desperately wishes to be loved and accepted could
be recognised as your dark side because your need to be loved and accepted hinders your
realisation that you are already that which you seek.
Your dark side and the dark sides of humanity, negativity, pain and harmful energies have always
been feared in the past, allowing such energies whether small or large to hinder the growth of the
light, soul and love within your being. As we enter and exist in the Era of Love you are able to
recognise that you are supported by love, you exist as love and you believe in love therefore you can
face any form of darkness without fear but with a heart overflowing with love which empowers your
entire being giving you heightened strength and loving power. Now you can give space to your dark
side or aspect observing without attachment, reaction or anxiety. This is a very powerful space for
you and humanity to be in as it means that true healing can now take place at a conscious level
allowing all aspects of your being to be purified to further recognise the Creator within your being.
Many of you will have numerous explanations and descriptions of what your dark side is, it is your
fears, your ego, your anger, your pain, your doubt, a past lifetime? It is important to acknowledge that
your dark side whatever you recognise it to be is present with you for a reason. It is actually more
sacred and special than the pure love of your being because your dark side is a catalyst for deeper
Creator recognition. If you can work with your dark side free from attachment and reaction then you
will be shown a gateway into the deeper truth and love which is the Creator within your being. Many
of you who focus upon your light, love and divine essence may not be willing to recognise that you
have a dark side to your being, this is of course true, as the dark or negative aspects of your being
are just an illusion but they are also tools of spiritual evolution and growth. It is time to recognise that
your dark side isn’t bad or evil but can simply be limitations that hinder your realisation of the
Creator. In truth your dark side simply fears love and yet yearns love with desperation. This doesn’t
mean that it is negative or even dark but is an aspect of yourself that requires attention, tenderness,
gentleness and of course unconditional love.
Are you ready to accept the aspect or aspects of yourself that fear and yearn the love of the Creator
The answer is that you are ready and in fact all of humanity is ready as these aspects of your being
are being shown to you with such vividness but now you have the tools as if you have progressed to
a level of consciousness and awareness to realise that many illusions are present which simply
require healing, a new perspective and the abundant forgiving love of the heart. The real question is
are you ready to exist in a reality detached  from the energies that arise within you, not allowing
yourself to believe that negative emotions, feelings or thoughts belong to you even if you have
created, projected and held onto them.  This time upon the Earth is such a powerful time of healing
because it is as if you are all graduating to new levels of spiritual evolution, facing your fears and
what could be labled your dark side will only create greater freedom, happiness and bliss within your
reality and being.
At this time the key areas to focus upon are, to heal your fear of love and to heal your yearning to be
loved by the Creator, both are healed through the acceptance of your own unconditional love
projected to yourself gently and peacefully to instigate and inspire the necessary vibrations and
beliefs to fall away, thus you unlock the love within your being and experience it more fully. Both the
fear of the Creator’s love and the yearning for the Creator’s love are actually an aspect of yourself
not wishing to feel, sense and acknowledge yourself as a complete being of love. Your spiritual
evolution and ascension is a journey of you allowing yourself to experience the completeness of your
love, each small step reveals the eternal presence and support of your love to you for deeper
understanding and recognition.
Here is an invocation that I feel supports you in experiencing that which I am sharing;
‘I now completely and absolutely love myself, especially all aspects of myself that I recognise as my
dark side. In my recognition of my complete love within my being I dissolve all fears of love, being
loved and the influence of the Creator’s love. I now allow myself to embrace the Creator’s love. I
dissolve all feelings of yearning for love of any form as I know the complete love of the Creator exists
within me and is a fountain from which I can draw to nurture and nourish my being forever more.’
You may also wish you affirm;
I completely accept my fear of and yearning for the Creator’s love, I am the complete love of the
Creator, this is my truth.’
As many people face their dark sides maybe even multiple times they will find themselves
experience a heightened vibration, light, experience of freedom and a deeper sense of the
Creator’s love. It is a process that is required to occur within your being in order to fully manifest and
project the Era of Love from your being.
Let all fears subside, you rest in the love of the Creator, allow this understanding to bring deep
profound peace.
With unconditional love,
Archangel Metatron

Paying attention to Intention


Since it`s the New Moon Tomorrow
Its a great time to think about our Intentions and set them in the directions we would like for ourselves 😉

While the time of the New moon is one for setting intentions for what we wish for the next coming month.. it is also essential we take a good look at our intentions on a daily basis..

As we grow more aware of how we are co creators of our lives with the Universe.. an important factor is our Will and Thoughts about every day events..
Sure.. we all wish for good things to happen for us and even make a point in specifying those wishes..but then what is our attitude once we`ve expressed our aspirations..? How many times do we doubt they will actually manifest..? How many times do we fear the worse to occur..?
It is crucial to step back and take notice as this is what we ARE Creating for ourselves..
Take back your power and understand that you are creating the life you wish for.. is it a good one? Is there anything you would like to improve..?
Start Now by planting the Power of your Will into every Word Spoken or Thought within you to manifest what you truly wish for..






I Believe in Magic/ Mia Leventhal

I am Wild
I am a Child
The Universe Smiled..
Have your Desires piled
Let’s have some Fun
The Magic
Has Already Begun..!

“Small Bites” Overcoming your Fears

Small Bites





If you are encountering a situation in which your Deepest Dreams and Desires are surfacing and yet so are your Fears and Blockages to manifest them..there is a way..

Your Dreams are essential as you are here to Manifest them without a doubt.
First, it is important to understand your fears and not criticize yourself , for they were formed by circumstances and now you can allow yourself some compassion and understanding as you gradually also allow them to part from you 🙂
The way to go about this is to dedicate yourself to taking very small steps towards overcoming your fear.
You know where you`re at by know where your resistance push yourself just a tiny bit towards your True Desire..just a bit..and then return to your comfort zone, rest ..acknowledge that actually it wasn`t that bad..that you are actually safe..and then try a bit more when you feel ready..but definitely make a point to keep at it, for Dedication is key to accomplishing a Definite change.

The contrast of the two opposing forces of Desire and Blockage can cause a huge amount of frustration at times, which can build up if there was no way found to breakthrough for a long time..

And yet ..If you push yourself too far too quick as a result of your growing frustration, you may lead yourself to a possible disappointment , not being able to maintain a new acquired openness without needed preparation, so the best way is to take “small bites”, just enough to taste the taste of freedom and yet not leave your nest yet altogether.

The most important is to keep that High Vision of the True You as you Devote yourself to this gradual progressive process… and know that each time you take that tiny step , you are unveiling another layer hiding your Magnificent Self..
Come On Guys..we can do this! 🙂

Much Love,



Walk in Beauty


I would like to invite you on a journey
A journey in which there is Simplicity Purity and Beauty

Would you like that?

What would you need for this journey?

You would need

To Travel light..

You would need to let go of anything you don`t really need, or really use

Those just carry weight and encumber

Nor would you need anything that makes you feel bad..anything that holds a reminder of a bitter memory

That being any object of this kind in your space, or any person in your personal surroundings
Bless them on their path and part..Gracefully..

Oh this also includes your know the mind that goes round and round wherever it stops nobody knows? well..make it stop..Breathe..and let go of all the tiring, nudging negative thoughts of fear and doubt and worry..Don`t need them anymore..

Ahh..Now feeling lighter..?

Ok.. so now that we released all that`s weighing us down..
Lets Pack 🙂

Let us take those quaint little reminders of know,,those that bring an immediate smile on our face..

Let`s keep in touch with those beings who uplift and inspire us

Let`s take tools of our trade/occupation that inspire and help us create

Symbols that connect us with spirit

Healing materials gifts of nature

Music we love

Anything else that is important to you

And the most positive thoughts we can carry..holding an uplifting vision of all that is Beauty


Let us make a point in feeling the gratitude for each and everything we have chosen to include in our world and had the wonderful opportunity to receive From the Divine.

Now were ready for the journey

We just have to remember regularly to check that our list of ”Carry-on” luggage is intact and readjust when needed as well as acknowledge with gratitude what we do have.

It is Now that we are well equipped for the journey of our choice which can be in Purity and Beauty focusing on what is essential for us to co create with the universe.Now is the time to make sure you are not overloaded with the wrong luggage..
It is in this way, remaining light, pure and positive that we are open to receive the guidance of the Divine for the continuation of our path .

We each have a Soul purpose here on would be so wonderful if we could let go of that which diverts us from our path and instead focus on the essential for us to Be who we really are, Living in Beauty and creating the Beauty for others to enJoy! Amen ..


Much Love,

Mia (Riverwoman )

Heeding the call ~


Heeding the call of walking with Spirit

Requires dedication.

We Live

Between Here & There

Inner & Outer

Spirit & Physical..

We are here to Heal

To Integrate

To Merge

Between the two

Our Full Presence is needed…

The Bridge ~

Our Breath

Inviting in the Light

and Releasing the Dark

Until we become the Shining Spark*





Echo ~


As we remain devoted to the path
Of Recovering Our TRUE Selves
That which coincides with Spirit

And with all that Is

We are asked time and time again to shed

That which was borrowed

Out of fear and disbelief.

As we let go,

Our outer surroundings begin to ECHO


This is the Brilliance of Co-Creation with the Universe ~

May you find
That Which
Honors your Truth
EveryDay ~

Summer Solstice Blessings