Art by Mia Leventhal




In silence,

I speak to thee,
I know you hear me..
In silence,
I hear your call,
I shall not fall.
Savoring the moment, potent..
In  silence
I allow
the beauty
to enfold,
the crust
to lose hold,
and the greatest treasure
to burst out in pure pleasure.
In silence
I am one
and in stillness
I shall become
the great masterpiece
I was meant to be..


* Poem taken from my poetry site : Soul revelations


At times there is a need to act

At others there is a need for Stillness.. Silence..

This is an important issue to acknowledge especially for those of us who have only been able to learn to act and express themselves at a later stage in life after having felt repressed for so long.. this renewed sense of freedom can get confusing and it is difficult to see the need for the balance of the two opposing energies as they come into play so beautifully in the creation of the universe..

The only way to “Know” is to be constantly tuned in to your source self..your inner voice..that which you sense with all your senses..hush..quiet will know..
Sometimes there is definitely a need to push..or to express..or to act..and sometimes..there is a need for the energy of “stillness”  to allow all the forces to settle..all the actors of a situation to capture..where they`re at and what they well as yourself..breathe..listen..look to where whatever makes you feel this way or the other..where does it essentially come from.. weed out fear..doubt..sift ..until all you find is your pure heart once again..and from this place all that is wondrous can be invited into your space..Amen..

Much Love,


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