Walk in Beauty


I would like to invite you on a journey
A journey in which there is Simplicity Purity and Beauty

Would you like that?

What would you need for this journey?

You would need

To Travel light..

You would need to let go of anything you don`t really need, or really use

Those just carry weight and encumber

Nor would you need anything that makes you feel bad..anything that holds a reminder of a bitter memory

That being any object of this kind in your space, or any person in your personal surroundings
Bless them on their path and part..Gracefully..

Oh this also includes your thoughts..you know the mind that goes round and round wherever it stops nobody knows? well..make it stop..Breathe..and let go of all the tiring, nudging negative thoughts of fear and doubt and worry..Don`t need them anymore..

Ahh..Now feeling lighter..?

Ok.. so now that we released all that`s weighing us down..
Lets Pack 🙂

Let us take those quaint little reminders of joy..you know,,those that bring an immediate smile on our face..

Let`s keep in touch with those beings who uplift and inspire us

Let`s take tools of our trade/occupation that inspire and help us create

Symbols that connect us with spirit

Healing materials gifts of nature

Music we love

Anything else that is important to you

And the most positive thoughts we can carry..holding an uplifting vision of all that is Beauty


Let us make a point in feeling the gratitude for each and everything we have chosen to include in our world and had the wonderful opportunity to receive From the Divine.

Now were ready for the journey

We just have to remember regularly to check that our list of ”Carry-on” luggage is intact and readjust when needed as well as acknowledge with gratitude what we do have.

It is Now that we are well equipped for the journey of our choice which can be in Purity and Beauty focusing on what is essential for us to co create with the universe.Now is the time to make sure you are not overloaded with the wrong luggage..
It is in this way, remaining light, pure and positive that we are open to receive the guidance of the Divine for the continuation of our path .

We each have a Soul purpose here on earth..it would be so wonderful if we could let go of that which diverts us from our path and instead focus on the essential for us to Be who we really are, Living in Beauty and creating the Beauty for others to enJoy! Amen ..


Much Love,

Mia (Riverwoman )


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