“Small Bites” Overcoming your Fears

Small Bites





If you are encountering a situation in which your Deepest Dreams and Desires are surfacing and yet so are your Fears and Blockages to manifest them..there is a way..

Your Dreams are essential as you are here to Manifest them without a doubt.
First, it is important to understand your fears and not criticize yourself , for they were formed by circumstances and now you can allow yourself some compassion and understanding as you gradually also allow them to part from you 🙂
The way to go about this is to dedicate yourself to taking very small steps towards overcoming your fear.
You know where you`re at by now..you know where your resistance is..so push yourself just a tiny bit towards your True Desire..just a bit..and then return to your comfort zone, rest ..acknowledge that actually it wasn`t that bad..that you are actually safe..and then try a bit more when you feel ready..but definitely make a point to keep at it, for Dedication is key to accomplishing a Definite change.

The contrast of the two opposing forces of Desire and Blockage can cause a huge amount of frustration at times, which can build up if there was no way found to breakthrough for a long time..

And yet ..If you push yourself too far too quick as a result of your growing frustration, you may lead yourself to a possible disappointment , not being able to maintain a new acquired openness without needed preparation, so the best way is to take “small bites”, just enough to taste the taste of freedom and yet not leave your nest yet altogether.

The most important is to keep that High Vision of the True You as you Devote yourself to this gradual progressive process… and know that each time you take that tiny step , you are unveiling another layer hiding your Magnificent Self..
Come On Guys..we can do this! 🙂

Much Love,




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