The Laws of Creation in this time/ Natalie Glasson

The Laws of Creation in this Time by Archangel Raphael and Archangel Metatron
Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 2nd July 2014-
With blessings and love, we, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Metatron, come forth to greet you in
this exciting period of evolution upon the Earth and the inner planes. It is a time of evolution of the
physical body, emotional body and mental body especially due to the fact that these three bodies
have been instigated into a spiral of transformation and activation in order to exist in deeper
oneness with your spiritual body, soul and the Creator, thus activating all that is heavenly within the
core of your being to be fully present within all aspects of your being. No longer can one shy away
from the light and truth of their being, it is time to fully embrace the supreme vibrations and
consciousness of your true self.
You may have noticed a deep continuous cleansing within your emotional, mental and physical
bodies this was truly activated by your wish and acceptance of the love of the Creator, now your
entire being is mirroring the process of transformation and shifting occurring within the very core of
the universe of the Creator. So much is falling away to be replaced with a purer consciousness,
existence and perspective, to allow everything to harmonise with abundant and diverse vibrations of
love. That which you are now is shifting, do not be fearful of transformation and change within your
being, it is important to face the truth with your eyes wide open understanding that every morning you
awake from your sleep you have changed. With your emotional, mental and physical bodies purifying
it is as if each time you enter into a sleep state these three bodies enter into an accelerated
transformation and healing process which may also appear as a regeneration process. Thus upon
awakening your energy vibration has altered, some perspectives may have shifted and a deeper
peace and connection to the oneness of love may be experienced. Allow yourself to notice and
express gratitude each morning for the transformation that has occurred during your sleep state
because this will amplify and magnify your experience a thousand times. Your emotional, mental and
physical bodies are becoming aligned with your spiritual body in a deeper way in order to release
the programming and perspectives of the past era and to allow for a space to embrace the
presence of the soul and soul group more fully within your being.
You may wish to share in the morning:
‘With love I call upon Archangel Raphael and Archangel Metatron to be present with me now. I
express and recognise my deep knowingness and gratitude for the process of transformation within
my entire being while I sleep. I recognise and express my gratitude for the purification of my
emotional, mental and physical bodies as well as their synthesis in divine perfection with my spiritual
body, soul, soul group and the Creator. I am regenerating, I am transforming, I am purifying and I am
experiencing and manifesting as the love of the Creator. Please support my healing and aligning
process now. Thank you.’
With your entire being entering into a state of purification and magnification and the same occurring
within the core of the universe of the Creator not only can this create periods of turmoil but more
importantly it can create periods of tremendous peace. Outer influences and past creations of your
own mind and the general consciousness of humanity begin to fall away as if the Creator places a
spotlight upon you asking you what you wish to create and manifest through the vessel you currently
reside within. The Creator already knows what you wish to manifest because the idea and energy
has already been born from the Creator but the Creator asks you to comprehend and discover what
you wish to create in every moment of your reality, thus activating a continuous journey of self
(Creator) discovery.
As the Era of Love arises upon the Earth new laws of creation become present for all to utilize.
Firstly is the recognition that the Creator more than ever is looking at you to manifest that which you
wish to experience, that which you want and desire but asks that you connect into your soul, divine
being and heart to source the needed information, thus dissolving aspects of the ego and aligning
the mental, emotional and physical body in divine harmony.
Secondly the Creator asks us to realise that the Era of Love, this new time and era we are all
existing within is a new beginning, signifying that there will be tremendous change which we will
need to become accustomed to. Change may occur on so many levels of your being and reality, it
might be subtle or blatant but there is a need to understand that in change you are able to discover a
deeper state of peace within your being. Change allows for the old to fall away and that which is truly
divinely needed to move into place as guided through your being from the Creator. It is important to
learn to ride the wave of change, flowing with its vibrations wherever it may lead you. Thus in this
process we understand the process of detachment and trust in the presence of the Creator.
Thirdly there is a need to realise and recognise that in this present era there is nothing holding you
back from creating and manifesting the Creator and all that is the Creator within your reality. Outside
influences have less of an impact upon your reality, the presence of karma from the distant past  is
so small upon the Earth now that it is almost nonexistence and a deep purification process is
occurring which clears your energies as if planting your seeds of creation upon new soil. Everything
is now fertile for you to create as this is what the Creator asks you to achieve, to create within your
being and reality the Creator, your divine self and truth, when you create from your heart and pure
space of truth within you then you are creating the Era of Love upon the Earth.
Fourthly there is a need to realise and ground into your being and perspective that everything is now
possible if it is aligned with the divine will of the Creator. If you require healing it is possible now, the
time and process depends upon you. If you require abundance it is possible now, the time and
process depends upon you. Nothing is out of your reach unless it leads you from the true path of your
soul but even then you may find you are able to manifest it discovering that it is not what you wished
after all and are able to let it go without attachment, stress or chaos. This is a powerful perspective
to adopt within you as it signifies to you that in your reality there are no limitations. When humanity
truly begins to accept the consciousness that there are no limitations then the limitations of the world
you exist within will simply dissolve and cease to exist.
We could say that there is only one limitation which is the divine will of the Creator. The divine will of
the Creator is the only vibration in your reality that could hinder and hold you back from achieving
and manifesting what you desire but the divine will of the Creator knows you completely and
absolutely, understanding exactly what your soul wishes to experience and what will bring to you the
deepest feelings of bliss. Therefore if something doesn’t manifest because it is not the divine will of
the Creator it may be worth recognising that it may not have brought happiness after all. There is
also a need to comprehend that there is also divine timing meaning that some manifestations may
take longer than you wish or anticipate to enter into your physical reality due to the timing not being
appropriate. This is generally interpreted as certain energies, situations or people not being in the
right place but in truth it signifies that you are not yet ready to accept fully into your being and reality
that which you are focused upon.
The fifth realisation is that acceptance is a powerful word and experience at this time of ascension
and the process of creation. You can achieve all that you need in order to experience your
manifestations but if you are not yet ready to accept the manifestations wholly within your being and
reality then it may not become physical. If you are unable to accept, it is often that you are holding
onto something else that needs to be let go of first. For example, if you are not experiencing pure
health then maybe you are not yet ready to accept yourself as a healthy being, instead maybe you
are holding onto another energy such as feeling unworthy of being healthy. Therefore the feeling of
being unworthy is that which you are holding onto and manifesting, when you let go of this energy
and allow yourself to create and believe that you are worthy then the health that you wish to manifest
will naturally manifest with ease and perfection.
Ask yourself; Am I ready to accept that which I focus upon manifesting? If not then what am I holding
onto or accepting in its place that needs to be recognised and erased?
The process of creation within you and the energies coming forth to support you are more powerful
than ever before upon the Earth now, it is time to become a being of creation, creating the Era of
Love upon the Earth.
With Angelic Blessings,
Archangel Raphael and Archangel Metatron
Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 2nd July 2014-


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