Allow yourself to Feel

I believe our emotions are very important
I believe even more important is the need to express them, to be able to release the burden.

Sometimes , when we feel we are not able to express them they build up,

and even though we may think we`ve controlled the situation by overcoming and moving on..

The Truth is they`re right there where we left them, battling inside us to be let out in one way or the other, and creating a whole lot of unease if we don`t..

I also believe a lot of the disturbing events we are witnessing around the Globe are a result of emotions that were not dealt with..When we feel hurt or angry and we think we`ve moved on..yet in fact carry it around with us in our energy field and continue the chain of transmitting these unresolved issues to others, it is then that we create this great big ball of destructive fire which at a certain point, No one knows anymore how to put out..or even where to start..

What if..we start right at the beginning?

What if..we begin by owning our emotions?
What if we make a conscious decision of Loving ourselves THAT much, that we are constantly tuned into ourselves and ACCEPT Any emotions that may arise and Give them Total Respect and a Space to Heal?

Once we acknowledge what they are as they arise, and what their source is, we then can search for a positive creative way to release and channel them so as not to create more damage to us or anyone else.
This could be in Arts, plastic arts, handcraft of some sort, many like to feel the materials like clay and create and express how they feel, or paint..or it could be in writing..singing  is great..or in sports getting all that built up physical energy out really helps..or Dance and free yourself if you feel that it is in the physical you can more easily release..or of course going out to nature and just seeing flowing water or any other blessing of nature tends to help..allow yourself to do what appeals to you.. dont feel ashamed to have a good cry as well..letting it all out is a great feeling of release..otherwise..being true to how you feel like dealing is deeply you..and you may even discover hidden layers of yourself!

There are so many ways to express and create with our emotions in order to heal them and release the impact, this time moving on without the destructive burden, free to be our true selves once more shining our light onto society for us all to beam and celebrate in light & love.

Let us start today

Allow yourself to Feel ❤




I Allow Myself to Feel / Mia Leventhal

I Allow Myself to Feel
I Allow Myself to Heal

I Carry with me
The Wounds

Of My Brothers and Sisters
Who Came before me
Who Walk beside me

Offering the Pain

Unto the Light

For Us ALL

To Be Transformed


* Image of Sarajevo, Bosnia.


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