Global Peace Meditation Tomorrow 8.8.2014


Dear Friends,
For those who do not know yet and are interested, Please do not miss this important opportunity
as the collective power of Pure Intention is a Tremendous Force!

For more info and registration please visit:

“The World really needs some peace right now!

Join us on AUGUST 8th in a Global Synchronized Meditation for Peace at 9:00 am Pacific time.

Please register at:

We invite you to participate with our partners Deepak Chopra, 1 Giant Mind, India Arie and Gabrielle Bernstein in creating one of the largest synchronized meditations together ever recorded.

Here are the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions about the Global Peace Meditation.

1. Why do we need to register?

We are hoping to inspire the largest synchronized meditation in history. In order to track how many participants there are, we need you to register.

2. What is going to happen in the…

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Sharing the love ~

Promoting the message of Love whether through my creative work in Kahliya or through my Peace/Humanitarian project Aakhda, I am always very interested in the personal interaction
Because after all that is what it is all about..when we deliver love between us.
That is why I am always very thrilled to know my clients, I like to know what they purchase the product for, what they prefer, a little about them, if and when they care to share..Making that extra personal contact provides the space for love to thrive

Through these wonderful interactions I get to further ”travel” all over the globe and continue to visit different worlds

Some clients become friends and some friends become clients and at the end there is no is within this space of shared love that I feel honored and complete full circle with my purpose

I received this beautiful message today from Sonja from Germany with photos of her purchase..made my heart sing ~ ❤

“When did I receive such a lovely packed package the last time? thank you Mia for the love you put inside and the special gift!
The necklace is handmade with olivewood and lapis lazuli, the two small bags are from her non project Aakhda
check out and
I’m so happy right now. So much love”

Thank you so much Sonja for your love, the sharing of Love, your joy and your contribution to project Aakhda ❤

* Note:As Ive mentioned before, any purchase at kahliya`s online shop will help enable my efforts towards project Aakhda as I am acting on my own without any supportive funding.










Message of Love ~


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I was born in the states, and at the age of 10, we moved to Israel. 
When I was old enough to be called adult..I set out to the world.. as a Harmony seeking Artist I felt there must be more to life than the endless stress I felt in Israel due to the conflict. 
At a certain point I have lived in Turkey, and even though everyone around me knew I was promoting peace and showing how we resemble each other..I was attacked verbally and then physically for being Jewish..and even though I did not want to..I had to flee and found myself back in Israel. 
I was devastated..and set out on some more inner soul searching for answers..I spent a few days at a favorite Monastery near Jerusalem for some quiet time..during that time there was a an important Palestinian Christian priest on visit just before leaving his…

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