Dear Sister/ Mia Leventhal

Poem I wrote dedicated to All women victims of violence



Dedicated to All Women Victims of Violence

Dear Sister

I carry you within me

Every tear

Every pain


Every effort

Are never in vain


I carry all of you in me

And continue to Grow and Expand

In your Name

I am committed to not look back

But forward

Into bringing us all back Home

Together with my Brothers and Sisters

Embracing each other

With love to our Creator

And in your Honor

I promise

You remain in our Hearts Forever


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Start Again

I am reposting this..
I believe it may be appropriate to many of us..
Be gentle on yourselves..
Love to all ❤



ok so you fell..
So what..

So you fell again..

So you fell for the millionth time..

So What..?

If you`ve been on this journey of “self improvement”

You may very well have been around the block quite a few times

Finding yourself once too many let`s say : Doing this that or the other to block your flow

Of Divine know the one you have been born with and are carrying within you to manifest your soul purpose… now you kind of know it all..
You know you shouldn` know you`re carrying a lot of negatives due to what ever or who ever , that you`ve picked up along the way..

SO what..

Yes..sometimes it`s a long journey..with a lot of twists and turns..

Sometimes you think you got it..and you`re on your way to shine

and Boom..

just one more take on ”cant do it”


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The Spirit in Me ~



In our Essence

We are All Love

We are All connected to Spirit

We are All connected to Source .

If a person you are interacting with,

Disconnects from his/her own Spirit Source

and acts from within this discord,

There is No need to get upset or be offended

Do Not move into experiencing his/her lack.

Remain in your own Fullness of Being

Anchored in your  own Presence

Connected with Source

Enriching your Existence

Nourished by the Love and Light

From which you can continue to Beam unto others.

Much Love,




Amidst all Darkness



Amidst all Darkness/ Mia Leventhal

Amidst all Darkness
Remember who You Are
Even as there will be those
Who will not see your light
Remember who You Are
Even as there will be those
Who will continue to fight
Remember who You Are
Even as you may feel at times
Defeated and Depleted
Remember who You Are
Be thy Light and shine`th unto others
For as you
Continue to shine
They too shall remember who they are

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