Taking time to EnJOY* :)



Its been a bit over a year that Ive moved here to this small village in the south of France..its been a bit of a journey before and yet since..I havent had a chance to really “break in” and fully discover this rich region.. not to mention allow myself a day of pure fun..
Yesterday My friend Magali took me to Marseille and we just had a blast of pure joy*
I so needed this..we all do..though sometimes we tend to forget..
One of the things I loved about Marseille is that it is so mixed in population..we got to visit in one day the African culture..Indian..Moroccan..Tunisian..and we ate Egyptian! I finally got to eat my Falafel and a Good one as well!
I love Marseille..its so Vibrant..am so glad to have visited the “World” in one day..
Im so grateful for Good friends and Joy..
And at the end of the day..Im also Grateful to have chosen to live in a small village..to be able to absorb it all within the calm, cherish and savor…slowly..as I like…and with my new fabrics
For once I have hardly taken any photos of my experience as I wished just to soak it in and be in the NOW… 🙂






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