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When feeling low ~

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Dear Brothers & Sisters!
Great News!
I Have opened an online shop to offer Aakhda`s Tshirts Carrying a Message of Love to Our Brother/ Sister On the Other Side ,based on my poem “My Brother On the Other Side”

Let`s end the illusion of separation,carrying a Message to the ‘Other’ spreading our love worldwide to Unite!
Let`s Carry the Message Out there!
Tshirts can be Purchased Here:

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Thoughts on Love..For Valentine`s day

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We All have been through so much..
May we Allow ourselves to Hearten ..not Harden..
May we allow our wounds to give way to bigger Hearts
That see more..embrace more..forgive more..and love more..
First and foremost ourselves..being gentle on ourselves..holding and healing our inner hurts..filling those inner longings with a self loving embrace and nourishing our own uniqueness, allowing ourselves to grow and burst into joyous Being, will enable us to see and embrace others with more readiness and fullness,compassion and Love.
Contemplating on Love itself will bring us closer to the Essence..this formidable power , of Healing ,of Creation, of Life..
Just close your eyes and think of the word LOVE
Feel deep inside the LOVE that is your Being
Let it Overflow
Let yourself BEAM the Essence that is YOU
For in your uniqueness

Sending much Love to you ALL,