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Kahliya`s Love Pouches

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Introducing Kahliya`s Love Pouches!


Warm Cozy joyful parcel of Love !
Hand knitted in Fuchsia colored Vegan friendly yarn
The word Love embroidered in Mint Green on one surface
This pouch is Lined with matching Fuchsia Pink colored Cotton fabric and zips to close
holding within anything you cherish, carrying a wonderful energy of Love!
A pampering reminder for oneself or a sweet gift to a loved one
Soak up the LOVE!
Pouch measures : 25 cm x 17 cm
Made with All my Love!


Fun Warm cozy little parcel of Love!
Carrying that which we cherish
to offer to oneself or a loved one
Hand knitted in a Gorgeous Pewter Grey colored Vegan friendly Synthetic Yarn
with the word LOVE embroidered on one surface in Mint Green
Pouch Seals close with a strip of Velcro
and is inner lined with a matching Mint Green colored Cotton fabric
Sooooo cooool!
Pouch Measures : Length 12 cm x Width 13 cm
Made with All my Love!

More Fuzzy Cozy stuff coming up..stay tuned!
Feel free to Visit Kahliya`s online shop
Anytime 🙂
Much Love


Merry Christmas & Happy New year

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IMGP1596 - Copy christmas

IMGP1603 - Copy christmas

Much Love


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A lot of us grew up being conditioned with all sorts of rules and expectations.. so called ” Norms”
Family, friends .school ,the teachers, other kids..society..the country..the religion..the nation..etc etc

All of which unconsciously just carry on what they have been given..

Its a giant pressure cooker for sure!

Then, as we grow up , not given much of a chance to figure it all out, bouncing from one setting to another,

we just carry out the same form of adaptation, even if it changes slightly according to the setting.

The basic ”sense” or need to adapt to the rules and norms of others is so deeply ingrained, there`s already a whole guilt 

system built upon any twitch we may have for thinking on our own.

Some of us explode inside and start ”rebelling” , for our core beings can just not tolerate all this massive submission to ways that don`t feel like they`re honoring our true deep selves. We feel unheard, not allowed to be ourselves and we explode inside.

Since we feel its not accepted, it comes out more dramatic as the pressure builds up , the contrast between who we are and who we are pushed to be, and this pressure has no way to go but out..

The sad thing about being rebellious in that explosive manner, is that most times it does not rid us of the inbuilt “guilt trip” that was planted in we still carry it and it backlashes within one way or the`s still there ..even as we do our best to escape it..

Others of us just find it easier to play the game..thinking we can find more peace in this and somehow get along with our lives..
Little do we know that in so many little and big ways we have become slaves to this and we don`t carry out our true selves in our lives..but the truth of others..which in the most case isn`t even their core truth either…most of us are just pulling through with ”truths” that we haven`t even stopped to think if they are ours..
Kind of makes one wonder why so many of us have a hard time finding true happiness..

What if we took the time to figure out who we really are?

What do we truly believe in?

How does our body react upon doing what we think we must?

What if we Allow ourselves some time out to pull out of the game? And Re-consider what are OUR Rules and expectations from ourselves?
Most of us were not taught to Feel whats right for us.But were grown ups now 🙂
Some of us have already gone through so much of life, and even have built our own families..and yet we`re still playing someone else`s game.
What if I told you , YOU ARE ALLOWED TO BE YOU

And by being you, not only are you not harming anyone, even though at first some people may think so, but actually you are serving a much HIGHER PURPOSE to HUMANITY
You are carving the way for others to be exactly WHO THEY ARE TOO
Now wouldn`t that be absolutely Awesome?
Can you imagine the dissolving of all that pressure and stress?
All that JOY And PEACE flowing among humanity as they just simply feel comfortable to SHINE THEIR TRUE SELVES? WOW..


We have already discovered in so many cases how positive encouragement of one`s uniqueness allows a person to shine brilliantly.

We have also learned how Love is the acceptance and embracing of the wholeness of a persons being, which allows him to fly and bloom into the full capacity of himself.
Can we LOVE ourselves enough to ALLOW ourselves the Gift of Being who we are?

Do not fear you will not be loved or accepted if you refuse a “Truth” of a surrounding you belong to

Dedicate yourself to questioning and discovering what your Real Truth is

Be comfortable with that

Exercise who you Truly Are

There is no need to express that in less than a Respective Manner

For respecting “the Truth of others” is exactly what you wish for yourself

Therefore respect Yourself for your own, and respect others for theirs

You will be setting an Amazing Example

Of a Life Well Lived

Of a person who has Immense Respect for himself and others and Life!

Of a person who lives in Ultimate Well Being and Health of Body and Mind

For he is in PEACE with himself

As well as with his surroundings

These are the conditions of a Thriving Existence for One and for ALL!

What can you do today to stop and Reconnect with who You Truly Are

A Unique and Precious Creation of the Universe

Who plays a Crucial Part in it`s Existence and Evolution

Provided you are Being TRULY YOU ❤



Life after Trauma

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If you`ve been through a traumatic experience lately this message is for you.

The Universe is currently shaking things up for all of us in order to let go of old ways and introduce new ways of light.
This can be very destabilizing at the very least and extremely painful at worst..
This shocking experience can also have triggered old experiences, old wounds, old pain, making it feel like an unsurmountable mountain.And uncomfortable as it is, it was designed to dig in and allow you to clear all that old density out.

These times are not easy but so essential for the evolution of our souls.Not every aspect makes sense at the moment but shall in time.
At the moment what is more important is to focus on You and the way you Deal with this, for within the way you deal lies your evolution,your reconnection to your soul’s inner Light.Within you lies a strength that you may not have known you had, but it is there, ready to have you tap in and resource yourself.
Allow yourself the time needed to Nurture and Heal.
It is possible that the understanding and warmth you need from your surroundings is not exactly there as you need.Thats OK. You Got this.
You CAN do this.
The territory may even seem familiar
Maybe even in a sad way, but rest assured you have gained tools and you know exactly how to nurture and take care of yourself in the way that makes you the most comfortable.
That is called Love, Self Love, and that is absolutely Beautiful and exactly what is needed for us to connect to our light beings for when you connect to this source and know exactly what to give yourself , you know exactly what to give another in their time of need.You feel empowered and able to carry yourself in a more confident way ready to encounter that which may, enabling you a new lease on life, a new sense of freedom, eager to dive deeper into life knowing that there’s someone who has your back,

While taking the time to heal, allow yourself bit by bit to reconnect to joy.
There are no rules , but times are changing and the Universe has processes accelerated at the moment, dont judge yourself if even for a moment youre having fun , and dont worry if youre feeling down one minute after..its all ok..and its all part of the process..just Allow and you’ll see things smoothing along sooner than you thought.The more you Allow moments of Joy, the more you can ride them out into a New Reality.The less you pause and think with your mind and judge (only to imprison yourself in suffering) ,the more you Allow the flow of Life to embrace you.
Your joy can be moments soaking up a sun ray, gazing at a tree or reading some beautiful poetry.Let Beauty in and allow your pain to breathe as well, both have their respective right
And suddenly you will see the sting dissolve and the Beauty in all will take place, breathing in and out, Night becomes Day and Day becomes Night and all is in perfect Harmony.And So it is.Amen
Much love
Healing Blessings

Stormy Weather ~

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20151215_160322 - Copy signed

Stormy weather
Frosty twigs
Naked Thrones
Strip us from
Our false wigs
Down to our Bones
Revealing only our
Humble Pure Heart
For us to make
A Fresh New Start
For we are

*Taken from my poetry site “Soul Revelations

Old Wounds

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low finit

Being in tune with your emotions and giving them the space allowing them to surface

is a crucial part of our coming into the wholeness of our being, allowing whatever comes up to heal is an important part of our soul evolution, ridding ourselves of stagnant density, allowing more of our light to come through.
It is a recurrent process, allowing more and more Darkness to fade and more and more connection to our light.
We should not despair coming upon these moments, which are definitely not easy and filled with pain, rather embrace them and create the most possible comforting space for ourselves to allow this process, for in doing so, we are loving ourselves as we wish to be loved and as we wish to love others.This love is exactly what is needed for each and everyone of us to be able to heal and evolve, as individual beings and as a human community on a larger scale.

Allowing this space is a very tricky balancing act, for sometimes we may find ourselves diving into our darkness and not finding the way out.
It is essential to be in total consciousness of the welcoming of these waves and their processes, while maintaining a high vibration of love to ourselves.This Vibration of love keeps us connected to our life source, keeping the vision of that which we love in our existence.

Do not lose your vision, your reality at these moments tends to take on a very dark veil camouflaging all the beauty around you, making it very hard to see the truth.
If you remind yourself all through what this is about,a wave washing through and over you, another opportunity to release the darkness in your life, it will be easier for you to stay connected to that light that is always there.
If you find yourself drowning, make a conscious decision to remind yourself of all the things that make you smile, of all the little things that carry beauty, of that which brings you passion, of your dreams yet to fulfill.Try touching in anyway possible fragments of those symbols for you, for some it will be artistic endeavors, for others it will the connection to nature and for others it will be listening to music or moving your body in some kind of physical activity or dance.
Even though at first it may be really difficult to find the energy to do any of these things, pushing yourself just slightly to re- experience even a tiny taster of any of these , will get you back connected to your drive and Life Force.. the road back to your fully charged battery is much easier from there, even if you take tiny baby steps..its all alright, dont judge yourself, before you know it you will be back thriving shinier than before, for you have allowed more darkness out the back door.. 🙂

Please do not for a moment feel ashamed at these phases, they do not mean you have to carry a label of disability. Do not worry about your surroundings not understanding you, its up to you to understand and accept yourself with love, after which it is much easier to create the space for you within your surroundings.
The more you accept yourself, the easier it will be for others to accept themselves..these processes are crucial for the evolution of our human family..let us first embrace ourselves and love ourselves to healing, for us to embrace each other.

Much Love
Note : Note: This card is included in the first set of  Kahliya`s “Soul Inspiration” Message cards offered at Kahliya`s online shop 🙂

Christmas Fair

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This Sunday there was a Christmas fair in the village I live in the South of France.I participated with Kahliya`s products and my friend Magali helped me out.I didnt get a chance to share the photos yet so here they are.. I hope you can absorb the was a fun day 🙂

Feel free to visit Kahliya`s online shop for wholehearted handmade gifts! 🙂