A lot of us grew up being conditioned with all sorts of rules and expectations.. so called ” Norms”
Family, friends .school ,the teachers, other kids..society..the country..the religion..the nation..etc etc

All of which unconsciously just carry on what they have been given..

Its a giant pressure cooker for sure!

Then, as we grow up , not given much of a chance to figure it all out, bouncing from one setting to another,

we just carry out the same form of adaptation, even if it changes slightly according to the setting.

The basic ”sense” or need to adapt to the rules and norms of others is so deeply ingrained, there`s already a whole guilt 

system built upon any twitch we may have for thinking on our own.

Some of us explode inside and start ”rebelling” , for our core beings can just not tolerate all this massive submission to ways that don`t feel like they`re honoring our true deep selves. We feel unheard, not allowed to be ourselves and we explode inside.

Since we feel its not accepted, it comes out more dramatic as the pressure builds up , the contrast between who we are and who we are pushed to be, and this pressure has no way to go but out..

The sad thing about being rebellious in that explosive manner, is that most times it does not rid us of the inbuilt “guilt trip” that was planted in we still carry it and it backlashes within one way or the`s still there ..even as we do our best to escape it..

Others of us just find it easier to play the game..thinking we can find more peace in this and somehow get along with our lives..
Little do we know that in so many little and big ways we have become slaves to this and we don`t carry out our true selves in our lives..but the truth of others..which in the most case isn`t even their core truth either…most of us are just pulling through with ”truths” that we haven`t even stopped to think if they are ours..
Kind of makes one wonder why so many of us have a hard time finding true happiness..

What if we took the time to figure out who we really are?

What do we truly believe in?

How does our body react upon doing what we think we must?

What if we Allow ourselves some time out to pull out of the game? And Re-consider what are OUR Rules and expectations from ourselves?
Most of us were not taught to Feel whats right for us.But were grown ups now 🙂
Some of us have already gone through so much of life, and even have built our own families..and yet we`re still playing someone else`s game.
What if I told you , YOU ARE ALLOWED TO BE YOU

And by being you, not only are you not harming anyone, even though at first some people may think so, but actually you are serving a much HIGHER PURPOSE to HUMANITY
You are carving the way for others to be exactly WHO THEY ARE TOO
Now wouldn`t that be absolutely Awesome?
Can you imagine the dissolving of all that pressure and stress?
All that JOY And PEACE flowing among humanity as they just simply feel comfortable to SHINE THEIR TRUE SELVES? WOW..


We have already discovered in so many cases how positive encouragement of one`s uniqueness allows a person to shine brilliantly.

We have also learned how Love is the acceptance and embracing of the wholeness of a persons being, which allows him to fly and bloom into the full capacity of himself.
Can we LOVE ourselves enough to ALLOW ourselves the Gift of Being who we are?

Do not fear you will not be loved or accepted if you refuse a “Truth” of a surrounding you belong to

Dedicate yourself to questioning and discovering what your Real Truth is

Be comfortable with that

Exercise who you Truly Are

There is no need to express that in less than a Respective Manner

For respecting “the Truth of others” is exactly what you wish for yourself

Therefore respect Yourself for your own, and respect others for theirs

You will be setting an Amazing Example

Of a Life Well Lived

Of a person who has Immense Respect for himself and others and Life!

Of a person who lives in Ultimate Well Being and Health of Body and Mind

For he is in PEACE with himself

As well as with his surroundings

These are the conditions of a Thriving Existence for One and for ALL!

What can you do today to stop and Reconnect with who You Truly Are

A Unique and Precious Creation of the Universe

Who plays a Crucial Part in it`s Existence and Evolution

Provided you are Being TRULY YOU ❤




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