Kahliya`s Love Pouches

Introducing Kahliya`s Love Pouches!




Warm Cozy joyful parcel of Love !
Hand knitted in Fuchsia colored Vegan friendly yarn
The word Love embroidered in Mint Green on one surface
This pouch is Lined with matching Fuchsia Pink colored Cotton fabric and zips to close
holding within anything you cherish, carrying a wonderful energy of Love!
A pampering reminder for oneself or a sweet gift to a loved one
Soak up the LOVE!
Pouch measures : 25 cm x 17 cm
Made with All my Love!



Fun Warm cozy little parcel of Love!
Carrying that which we cherish
to offer to oneself or a loved one
Hand knitted in a Gorgeous Pewter Grey colored Vegan friendly Synthetic Yarn
with the word LOVE embroidered on one surface in Mint Green
Pouch Seals close with a strip of Velcro
and is inner lined with a matching Mint Green colored Cotton fabric
Sooooo cooool!
Pouch Measures : Length 12 cm x Width 13 cm
Made with All my Love!

More Fuzzy Cozy stuff coming up..stay tuned!
Feel free to Visit Kahliya`s online shop
Anytime 🙂
Much Love


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