Bouncing Back


20151020_165829 cntrst


With all that talk about Allowing our emotions (Prior posts: here, here and here )
There is that risk of just staying there and not knowing how to bounce back outta there

which is obviously one of the main reasons we fear to go there to begin with..
No worries

its all a balancing act.. as is Life itself.

There is no true profound existence experiencing only parts of ourselves.

The allowing of emotions comes from the same space and embrace as anything else we are.

It is the enabling of our full scale authentic selves.

From this loving space we coax our withheld emotions to come out and show themselves so we can love them and heal them.

From this same space we dont take them towards lowering our vibrations but rather continue the discourse of valuing who we are

and caring for anything wounded that surfaces, gradually healing those wounds and always looking to the Light,

to the Love that we are..this same Love wishes us to feel good and so we heal ourselves back to a sense of wholeness

by gently introducing small acts of pleasure light and love to ourselves.

The more we make ourselves smile even with the smallest gesture, the more we are back on the road to our beaming selves, shinier than before, releasing yet another layer that has held us back..

Bit by bit, if you dont think about it, just care for yourself with these small acts, you will find yourself back in a flow, which will in its own natural rhythm, gradually take flight..not pressuring is crucial.
If you find yourself stumbling back, its absolutely fine.Wobble as much as you like, don’t pressure yourself and before you know it, you’re back on the road again..


Youre Golden

Much Love



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