Full Moon





The energies of the full moon are upon us

it is essential to remember that these energies pull to surface any and all unfinished issues that lay within

for the sole/soul purpose to be healed and released.

If you find that youve finally begun to make some positive change in your life recently and suddenly you feel you are stumbling again, rest assured this is only a phase, and even an important one to clear what can be weighing and impeding your development.
To do this one must first look it in the eye to be able to say goodbye, and it doesnt even have to be regarded upon as ”bad stuff” either. All must be looked upon as Beauty, for All is ..all our experiences have beauty in them  , even the sad ones..
We are to learn detachment and release ..in love..
Respecting all thats been and all that is to come..trusting in the Universe and aiming always for our higher good and the higher good of everyone. Focusing on our own higher good, allows others the space and opportunity to focus on theirs.

In due time all confusing fragments come together for better clarity.
The energies at the moment are very chaotic, we get this sense of being dispersed..all over the place.
It is important to BREATHE   a few slow deep breaths in order to allow re- centering.. 

Stillness.. and Allowing ..enables things to settle and find their place once again.. even better..
Meditation is highly beneficial, finding your own inner center, well being and guidance.

If you cant meditate try to find that gentle stillness in focused prayer, a warm shower or bath, a walk in nature or anything that appeals to you to connect with your inner YOU.
Maintaining a support system of sufficient rest, nutritious balanced food, herbal teas,plenty of water, essential oils and soothing balancing crystals will provide a more healthy balanced and grounding transition.
Please remember that the energies of the full moon are felt days before and days after..so Be gentle with yourself..allow..keep holding the vision of your best plans and intentions in front of you, holding them as encouragement and gradually stepping back into course as you can.
Much Love


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