If someone or some situation has hurt you recently

this message is for you.

Chances are whatever this seems to have stepped on an old existing wound..and as such

the incident was designed for the purpose of clearing that wound, even if this is not the first time it is revisited.

All visits

to this wound are attempts to chip away layers to release as many times needed. These are deep seated wounds which can not be released all at once no matter how much we wish to.

Feeling Hurt.Alarmed.


Try as best you can Not to react out.

If you cant contain your emotions, try to take time out to process.
Try to find a quiet moment to yourself.


Hold that hurt for a moment.

Look at it.
Hear what it has to say.

Does it feel somewhat familiar?
Does it seem to pull up something from the past?
Let out all the emotion it brings up,
to yourself, even if it seems disproportional to the current event , allow yourself to cry, scream, or punch a pillow.

As you allow the emotion out, try to take a good look at what it really connects to.

Now, can you see the connection to a past event/events that havent fully healed?

Can you see you are being asked once more to forgive and release?
Forgive, not because the event/person was right in hurting you in the first place, but because you deserve to release yourself from the clinging to the sense of hurt, not allowing you to fully Heal and Develop into the Full Free Magnificent Divine Being that You Are.

Even if youve had your go at this ‘forgiveness thing’ for a million times,it might just not be over till its over, meaning in this case, till you are totally FREE.
You are the one you are limiting by holding on to the hurt.
Try to see how this is burdening you and your freedom.

You may even have done by now a whole lot of work on yourself, and even advanced, yet there still seems to be that something

limiting you to totally Thrive and Shine.
Maybe you have just received the Gift you needed, the Key to unlock once and for all your wings to fly.

Forgive this person and situation knowing they could and knew not to do better, and this has nothing to do with you.

If you feel you need help in achieving this healing process, seek professional help to do so.

Try to linger a moment emotionally in what you truly feel, pass through looking at the connection, seeing how you are bound, and choosing to release it all for the good of all, and most of all for your own Good, Health, Joy and Freedom.

In this current event, if it is possible, it is important to express your hurt feelings

in a contained respectful manner, meaning not to just splurt it out on rebound with all its intensity , resulting in continuing the chain of hurt, rather explain nicely, kindly what you feel.

This is where we take responsibility and contribute to change the endless continuation throughout humanity`s history of people getting hurt and reacting their hurt onward either to the people that hurt them or to other people, which in both cases does not serve anything productive, rather continues an ongoing spiral of hurt into all of humanity.

If we wish to heal on a personal level as well as a global level, we are to take personal responsability for our feelings and actions.
Our feelings are highly important and are to be acknowledged and expressed, in a way that everyone is respected, so that we can break the chain of hurt and create a healing productive chain of evolution for all to be inspired positively.

If in this situation it is not possible to express what you feel, make it important for yourself to express it to yourself, and if you need to write it down as if you were speaking to this person.

Then see where and how you can connect to seeing their part as not knowing better, and your part in your own healing and best interest, while letting go and realising the bigger picture this has served in releasing a much bigger burden you so needed to release.

Comfort yourself with the understanding of the whole situation and gradually walk yourself back to a Renewed Self, more Free and more Whole.

My warmest Blessings for you and us all

To Heal and Grow

in awareness and mutual respect

Peace & Love


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*Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is intended for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for advice, diagnosis or treatment by a licensed physician.

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