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Many of us cringe just at the sound of the word ‘Discipline’
Perhaps somewhere down the line it was pushed upon us in a way that lacked any life force, any sense of freedom, any creativity.. any love.
So much so that we pushed away from it as far as we possibly can, yearning for the freedom for our unique expression.
What if I were to tell you that what you thought was an enemy was in fact a friend, one you actually need to be able to bring forth and manifest that unique expression of yourself.
Funny how life goes..but sometimes life’s fine tools are misused and misrepresented, so let`s get reaquainted 🙂
As an artist I know all about the need for freedom of expression until I realize there also needs to be some kind of friendly self built structure in order to create something and bring it forth into the world.
Whether you are trying to create your own business, your art, your health , your spirituality, or your life, you need to create some kind of support system that holds you and keeps you going through all the challenges and adventures that daily life brings our way, with the target of building a life you desire.
Energetically you need to form some kind of commitment with your endeavor, without which it has the risk of falling at every challenge.
The great news is that you must remember that you`re the boss, this is not forced upon you by anyone, rather created for your own benefit, and can be modified at any time to meet your own needs, that`s the freedom of creativity and the maintaining of life force and love all along the way.
Create a plan of action that supports all your needs, you are you`re best friend so you know what they are. Start by baby steps, allowing trial and error, breathing , allowing pauses for review and modification and even total breaks in which you let go of any thoughts about your plan, are very healthy for the overall scheme of things, releasing your need for control, allowing for the universe to take its course , while you rest and replenish, enabling you to tune into more guidance for your path.
There is a natural balance for everything just as long as you hold your vision of the essence of what you wish to establish in your life, listen to your own intuition and begin creating that which you wish, within total respect for your unique being.

You Can Do this ! 🙂

Blessings for your Path


Thank you Note ~



An embroidery I made and offered to The Provence Verte -Tourist Bureau saying “Merci” = Thank you for hosting  presentation of Kahliya`s products

Une Broderie que j`ai fait et offert a La Provence Verte- Bureau de Tourisme pour leur remercier d`avoir accueillir la presentation des produits de Kahliya dans leur etablissement  ❤

Release ~


in your pain



So today is Full Moon

When you lead a life of intention and purpose

Its really quite helpful to accept the help of the Universe which has created guidelines for us to follow. One of those guidelines is the cycle of the Moon.

As during every Full Moon, the energies influence to ”pull out” all that disturbs us and lays beneath the surface..unhealed.

These are the things we will feel once again all emotional about.

The purpose in this , if we pay attention and embrace the cycle and its guidance is for us indeed to reconsider taking another look and seeing what this really stirs in us and what is needed for us to see more clearly for us to finally release and transmute these emotions to full healing .

We are guided to release from our lives all situations that do not benefit our higher good and do not respect us as light beings.
That goes for memories as well as current situations.We must release any negativity and surround ourselves with people and situations that honor and celebrate our being and expression, so that we can continue to contribute and create together.

We must understand that anyone who hurts us and rejects the light we express does so from a state of fear.Acknowledging that and discontinuing the chain of fear allows us to heal a whole of humanity in its evolution process in order to embrace all of creation and shine through the light and love in which it was created.
Hence, if we are able to see with forgiveness this fear that lays within the other, who was not able to accept our light, we release this energy for all of us and continue to create within our light.

Many of us have been hurt and as much as we try to heal,  as much as we try to convey love to others, there is no guarantee there wont be those who shock us with their dismissal.It is essential to remember that these incidents normally occur for us to see how far we`ve come in our release of our wounds, for in continuing to carry them we are continuing to attract similar situations that reflect back our need to release this energy once and for all.
Also, it is imperative that we Heal the source of this, and the only way of doing so is understanding our unique magnificence , without which we would not be created.
Anchoring our existence and understanding our own beauty and expression without any doubts, enables us to walk through life with the sole/soul intention of expressing our light, and contributing to the world by doing so.

So next time you feel you have been hurt or rejected,
Send your pure light and love to the person/situation and don`t waste any of your precious energy in doubting yourself, rather use it for the benefit of your higher self and the higher good of the whole, by shining the best of your light unto us all .

Take time today to release all that does not serve your higher being.

Stand Tall and SHINE

Blessings to your Being

To your Existence

May we All shine our Light

Much Love




Tune into your Life Force




You were created with Life Force

Hence your being is full of Vitality,

Curious, Enthusiastic, Inventive , Creative,Striving,Thriving, Bubbly Life Force.

As you ”landed” on this physical may have encountered situations and souls who have had difficulty embracing your Life Force and its Expression.
It is essential you understand that their difficulty had nothing to do with you, rather with their own difficulties with themselves and you just trigger a reminder of life within them which they prefer not to see and explore, for whatever reason.

Following your path, you may have encountered this several more times and perhaps even to this day.

Along the way you may have found it easier to dim your Shine and fold inwards, resisting your Vital Energy and your Dreams in an attempt to ”deal” with Life.
This may have resulted in blocked energy stored within your body, giving you signs here and there calling for your attention.

It is NOW time for you too to see and feel your way back to YOU.Undo those blockages and release your True Free Lively Being.

Understand how everything is related and for you to play the important part of Creation that is You, you must be connected to your Life Force, to your soul, to your Innate Being of Creation.

Forgive yourself and anyone who may have influenced you to deter from your own Source.

Tend to listening to your body, to its tensions, to your Soul and to your Higher Wisdom.

Take some quiet time with yourself and Breathe.
Breathe deeply

In and out

Breathing in your Higher Self and asking what you need to know to Free Yourself and become You.

Out with anything that holds you back.

A Good way to begin releasing blocked energy is Dancing.

Put on a good song and shake your body freely to the tune. Allow Joy and freedom to come over you.

You may even want to simply shake your body gently and ask it to free your blockages,

spending just a few moments , repeating this daily every time you feel the need.

Another good way is doing any other physical activity. This can even be merely taking a brief walk , preferably close to some nature.

Working with the body is a good way of freeing yourself and bypassing the mind which is holding on to past experiences, fears and doubts.

Creative activities and anything that brings you joy can also connect you with your inner being which longs to play and express itself, making the road to fulfillment much easier and smoother.

Whichever way you choose

Please remember how important you are

How worthy you are

of being here

Each and every one of you play an important part in Creation`s plan to expand towards the light

when you become yourself

when we all become who we are

we all shine

Now isnt that the Beauty of Creation we All wish to allow ?

Much Love,

Blessed Journey


Mia Leventhal au Club des Poètes 20160215 crp.png

I received this photo this morning

and I am still quite emotional..
I wish to share with you
This is me.. many yrs ago..Paris..the “Club de Poetes”..
The beginning of the dream..of the path.. needless to say , its been quite a journey since then..
I have so much respect for my journey..
If I were to say something to my younger self as to all young people out there

I would say
Hang on to the your passion..
The dream may shift and turn according to what you learn mostly about yourself along the way
But never lose faith in the essence of that dream that you feel inside,

even if you may not even know exactly to describe it.

Believe in yourself and stay open to learn and listen to Higher wisdom

which whispers to you, deep inside all the time.

When spirit sees youre not listening

it sends you messengers

Learn to discern the messengers of light and those who are there to lead you astray, 

they too are to teach you a lesson or two by the way.

Bless your journey.
Have Faith,

despite all that may come by

Forgive yourself and others for mistakes that may occur

we are all doing what we can and learning along the way.

Be prepared to win some, lose some, shed some, shift some

All designed to discover the true you which is at your core

and Create the Existence in which you can Thrive and Shine your True Brilliant Light onto the world.


I am still on the journey
If I have learned anything by now , it is that nothing is coincidence and this photo came to me as a Message from Spirit

To Remember the Essence of who I am

To Remember the Passion

To Close a certain Cycle on a Journey

To Respect all Ive been through

which has prepared me for the further unveiling of my True Being.

Blessed be all that has been and all that is yet to be.

Blessings to all of you on your journey

Much Love

Message of Love for Valentine`s day ~


Many of us have gone through somewhat of a journey by now.The search for happiness, the search for love and the search for oneself has taken us above and beyond what we might of expected for ourselves..and yet..for many of is yet unclear..why after going through so much , we dont seem to have the answers, or better yet, the answers we have wished for.
There is so much talk about love and we remain confused..despite a lot of experience , we just dont seem to get a grip on what it is we are supposed to do or not do by now..
All of what weve been through have been lessons..going through shiny doors and not so shiny doors have landed us pretty much to similar lessons.
We are all created with Love and Light and that is our source, that is what we Are.
Many have distanced themselves from what they are..disbelieving in their own shine, believing that which has tried to distract them from
Their very own source.
When you distance yourself from your own brilliance its hard to use your compass and make the right decisions.
When you Bless your Existence with Gratitude and Respect, Honoring your part in this vast weaving of Creation and recognizing, by linking to your source, the Magnificent Power of Love and Light that you are, you can only shine and become the Beautiful Unique Creative Force that is You.
When you are being who you truly are, beaming as such, then you can attract those who beam with a similar frequency to create together with the Divine your beautiful part in the world.
Let us choose to forgive ourselves, and others for disbelieving in our light and theirs, for in this we have seen what we are not, in order to return to what we Are.
May we be forever grateful for this lesson.
Let us make a conscious decision
To come back home through our senses to the Truth of who we Are.

Take the time and reconnect to yourself finding that which makes you happy.
Love yourself for the unique expression of creation that you are and
Beam that Love onto the world around you .

The world awaits you.
Much love

New Moon – Shine`th Thy Light*




Today is the New Moon.
So much has been going on lately leaving us overwhelmed, confused and exhausted.
Energies shifting,upgrading and massive clearings, some of which we may be aware of and some not.
Nevertheless, there’s been a lot going on and if there is one thing for sure, there is a Seed  deep within you, a Seed of Light and Brilliance,
Which may have been struggling for quite a long time to come out and shine, and may even have been so tired of struggling, it has been put to sleep, so that we can somehow “adapt” to life and our surroundings without being too disturbed.
Much of what has been happening lately was in fact to awaken this seed and make us realise , “it” was created for a very important purpose.
This seed is who we Truly Are.
This seed connects us to the Divine Light of Creation.
This seed also connects us to all of Creation.
This seed is our Gift to the World carrying our Uniqueness, carrying a Contribution of some kind to All of Creation and no matter what form it takes is not to be neglected , for it carries a piece of the puzzle for this World to Evolve and Flourish in Light.
Never think you are insignificant, for that is just not possible.
You are here, You Are Part of Creation.
That is no mistake, For All of creation has Intention.
Whatever resides in your Heart as a Dream is what you carry as a Gift of Light to the world.
If the world has darkness it is because people do not believe in the Power of Light they contain.
Today the energies of the New Moon
Are supportive of helping you feel you are able to look into your Seed, your Dream, your Light and fulfill your Hearts Desire, for in doing so
You will be fulfilling the Whole of Creation’s Desire to Shine it’s Light.
Take aside a moment
To unite with your Light
Make a vow with yourself
To take steps
To bring that Dream to Life
To bring your Light to Life
Shine’th thy Light unto the World
And let us All Celebrate!

Thank you
For Being
Much love
New Moon Blessings

Comfort Blankets



Many of us have created for ourselves comfort blankets.
Designed in their origin to comfort and protect us from a disturbing reality normally rooted in our childhood.A safe haven so to speak , a hiding place, in which we felt in some way safe and undisturbed.
These have taken the form of all kinds of habits, addictions, activities and relationships which diminish our shine and allow us to ”hide”.
Little did we know we were hiding from ourselves and along with camouflaging wounds we have also managed very well to bury away our own brilliance, from ourselves and from the world.
Sometimes years and years of carefully using these comfort blankets went on without us realising this very truth.
Time has come to look under the blanket and find whats hiding there.
The ghosts have long gone and only remnants are in our minds, replaying the stories so as not to allow other more productive and delightful scenarios to enter our lives.
Yes maybe weve done lots of work on ourselves and managed to heal many layers of our wounds and yet there is that one last hiding place we dont allow to be touched.
But Alas
This is where our final Healing Liberation is Found,
Within this place we have called home for so long.
It is time to open the window
And let in the Light,
realising we can well and truly
Create the Life we wish for
By dissolving the last remnants
Of our wounded selves
For there, in those depths, alongside
Lay our Brilliant, Deep and Sensitive Selves,
Bursting to come forth and Shine.
These depths need our own gentle loving care.
Grateful for how these comfort blankets have served us, we tend to finally touch what they uncover and heal.
In doing so we feel an amazing sense of Freedom, ready to take on Life as a newborn.With gentle baby steps we do.
Open the window, let the air and light in and introduce yourself to the Life of your Creation.
Create the Life you Love.
You are supported by the Universe every step of the way
All you have to do is ask, and have Faith.
Tune into your Higher Wisdom and Guidance.

If you feel you need more professional help in doing so please seek that assistance, it is so worth it.

Blessings on your path
Of Recovering the Real You
Much love

*Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is intended for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for advice, diagnosis or treatment by a licensed physician.

True Path


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