Tune into your Life Force




You were created with Life Force

Hence your being is full of Vitality,

Curious, Enthusiastic, Inventive , Creative,Striving,Thriving, Bubbly Life Force.

As you ”landed” on this physical plane..you may have encountered situations and souls who have had difficulty embracing your Life Force and its Expression.
It is essential you understand that their difficulty had nothing to do with you, rather with their own difficulties with themselves and you just trigger a reminder of life within them which they prefer not to see and explore, for whatever reason.

Following your path, you may have encountered this several more times and perhaps even to this day.

Along the way you may have found it easier to dim your Shine and fold inwards, resisting your Vital Energy and your Dreams in an attempt to ”deal” with Life.
This may have resulted in blocked energy stored within your body, giving you signs here and there calling for your attention.

It is NOW time for you too to see and feel your way back to YOU.Undo those blockages and release your True Free Lively Being.

Understand how everything is related and for you to play the important part of Creation that is You, you must be connected to your Life Force, to your soul, to your Innate Being of Creation.

Forgive yourself and anyone who may have influenced you to deter from your own Source.

Tend to listening to your body, to its tensions, to your Soul and to your Higher Wisdom.

Take some quiet time with yourself and Breathe.
Breathe deeply

In and out

Breathing in your Higher Self and asking what you need to know to Free Yourself and become You.

Out with anything that holds you back.

A Good way to begin releasing blocked energy is Dancing.

Put on a good song and shake your body freely to the tune. Allow Joy and freedom to come over you.

You may even want to simply shake your body gently and ask it to free your blockages,

spending just a few moments , repeating this daily every time you feel the need.

Another good way is doing any other physical activity. This can even be merely taking a brief walk , preferably close to some nature.

Working with the body is a good way of freeing yourself and bypassing the mind which is holding on to past experiences, fears and doubts.

Creative activities and anything that brings you joy can also connect you with your inner being which longs to play and express itself, making the road to fulfillment much easier and smoother.

Whichever way you choose

Please remember how important you are

How worthy you are

of being here

Each and every one of you play an important part in Creation`s plan to expand towards the light

when you become yourself

when we all become who we are

we all shine

Now isnt that the Beauty of Creation we All wish to allow ?

Much Love,

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