River ~


My tears reveal a River
Within this River
I swim back to my Sea
And I begin to See
The Riches I`ve kept
Deep within me
Enchanted and bewildered,
Why have I been hiding..?
I hear the Calling
No longer stalling
I Dive deep within
And spread my wings
To Be ~
Mia Leventhal

Upon this New Moon
My wish for us all to let go of all that is not true to our magnificent Being
May we shed all that has caused us pain and limited existence
May we release, not in anger nor resentment,
But in Grace
For everyone, everything will find its place.

May we look within and find our own Glory
May we open to reveal our True story

May we make our intentions
For a life of our creation
In which we celebrate our expression
And Nurture Joy and Love

New Moon Blessings
Much love



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