Are you ready?

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The Universe is sending New opportunities our way
Many of us are having a hard time believing it to be true..and in this disbelief we tend to sabotage ourselves, to the point of feeling either not ready, afraid, numb or just not motivated.
We`ve been through a rough patch, we feel we`ve failed, we have difficulty releasing the “Story” of whatever it is that occurred and that seemed to have stopped the wonderful flow of our dreams.What we fail to realize is that all we went through has enriched us with so much more experience , wisdom, tenacity and tools to be able to carry through our dreams from a better place.
Carrying with us into our new endeavors the energy of fear, lack of confidence and doubt does not empower us and just ends up generating the same response toward ourselves.
It is essential for you to lose your story..its done served a purpose..and now you are more of who you truly are.
Would you like to pursue those long held dreams?
Dedicate yourself to shaking up your energy, releasing the past and the fear and prepare your energy for the manifestation of your wishes.

Set aside a moment daily for this preparation
Breathe deeply inviting your new reality as you inhale and releasing the old as you exhale.
Shake your body to release the stagnant energy and enable the shift
Envision your dream as you wish to see it
See yourself flowing in all your power.
Repeat as needed 🙂

Best wishes for the fulfillment of your dreams
Much Love

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