Exactly where it stings ~

stings lesson

When something in our life triggers a sting
Especially if we feel
It to be familiar
That means we`ve come here again,
To overcome how this makes us feel.
If you can detach emotionally from the situation and from all the strings it seems to be pulling within you,
If you can Rise above it,
And find your point of Peace
Which is your Pure Being,
Then you have learned your lesson.
You have grown a few inches higher in your Soul Evolution.
Next time you`re triggered
Challenge yourself-
Look deep into the sting
Say hi
Then let it fly ~
Walk straight through it,
Dont run away from it
And realise
Who you truly are
And how this does not define you
But is rather another experience on your path designed to perfect your Higher Being by staying True to your Inner Peace.
The moment you touch this Truth, is the moment the sting grows wings and flies away ~

Blessings on your Journey
Much Love

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