Ring True ~

ring true



Stand in your truth
Mean what you say
And say what you mean
Fully being in your truth
Is embracing your purest energy
And carrying it forward in all that you do
Now That is real power
In this you are directly aligned with your source energy.
When you make a conscious decision not to waver,doubt,hesitate or fear,
But rather anchor your existence in a balanced movement forward, taking obvious needed pauses for thought and consideration, you are poised for successful outcomes in what you do.
You are aligned with your soul power that is designed for your specific path of creation.
You are a creative force and you are here to contribute to creation.
Aligning with your higher being frees yourself from blockages and enables your energy to manifest your role in creation.
Speak your truth
Live your truth
Be your truth
And Soar ~

Much Love,

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