Everyday ~

20160422_170408 final signed

Is a chance to start
Is a chance to rediscover
You can choose the Truth
To Pursue
Today you could make amends
Or you could forgive that friend
Any day you could shift your life
And start to Mend
To make those Dreams come True
Its All up to You ~
Sometimes we wish so much for our life to change and yet we feel overwhelmed, not knowing where to start..or maybe we`ve tried and after disappointment, we allowed time to pass and now we dont know where or how to find the motivation.
It is essential to remember no matter how many times we feel we have failed , and no matter where we think we are at in our lives, we can always begin again.Every New day offers us that opportunity.
We dont really need huge plans , they normally get us more scared than anything else.
All we need is a small gesture to begin to shuffle things around and create that much needed shift.
A small act to make amends or maybe of forgiveness or just pure generosity, shifting stagnant energy and creating renewed joy and love for all to celebrate.
A small step in the direction of your dreams, retouching activities you have lost touch with. The magic trick is not to over think, just take a dip in the water, even for a little bit will renew your passions.
If your energy has been stuck for a while for whatever reason, you have the ability to awaken your soul.
Once you start recreating that new energy for yourself, keep rolling  , stay with the momentum, dont let fear creep in.. rest and pause when you need, as balance is essential..and if you seem to slip back for any reason..just remember..Everyday is a New day to Begin Again 🙂

Blessings on your journey
Much Love

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