The Universe Salutes you


To all those going through pain coming up towards this full moon, please hang in there. Breathe into the pain that arises, breathe deeply and release. Try to allow yourself some some sacred comforting space in time and place.
Remember that the full moon brings another level of deep seated emotions to surface for us to face, heal and clear. The only possible way for us to heal is by embracing with love and acceptance as a part of our whole selves, and by doing this we learn to accept and understand more All THAT IS , aiding in the transformation of all that creates pain unto the Light.
This is a Sacred process.
Know that you are participating not only in your own gradual transformation towards your Full Light Being , but by consciously enabling this process, you are aiding in the Evolution Process of All of Humanity and this is a Great Honor.
Understanding this will help dissipate the frustration and conflict as you embrace the process will become smoother and more swift. Nevertheless , the pain is in direct correlation to what you are able to endure and transform and is no light affair.
Hold this experience as Sacred and offer yourself all the comfort you can while you focus on the Light.
Seclude yourself as much as possible from harsh energies, focus on stillness and calm, sooth yourself with soft calming music or even total quiet, the high vibration of calming natural essential oils, soothing crystals, eat simple and natural ,drink herbal teas and try avoiding stimulants,drink plenty of water to allow the flow and aid in the transformation and create as much as a comforting soothing space for you to go through this process.
Of course the soothing nature can help profoundly.
Please remember You are Precious and the Universe Salutes You as it is Grateful for your Existence, your Aware Presence and Willing Perseverance.
Blessings for a smooth transformation
Much Love
Channeled message from my Guides

Full Moon Mission

Ok Guys, were approaching that time of the month again..the full moon on June 20..we still have time..
If we want to shine bright and carry out our true mission..Β guess what were going to do? Clean House! πŸ™‚ And I mean that in more ways than one.. πŸ™‚
First of all , literally, were going to Cleannnn our space..our home..and our space of work.
Cleaning not only cleans dirt and makes things nice..but it also refreshes stuck and old energy, and we dont want anymore of that..we are preparing ourselves for a renewal..and the full moon is a great time for letting go of the old and of that which does not serve our highest good, hence stuck or old energy is a no no if we have great plans for ourselves, and if we cant understand why we still feel stuck.
Ive mentioned in a recent post about decorating our space with objects that uplift and bring memories of beauty..well now is the time to let go of anything in our space that brings us down or that carries painful memories..were not going there πŸ™‚
Also anything that we really dont use and is taking up space creates stagnant energy , clearing all of that makes room for the new.
After cleaning and clearing, a nice smudge with dried sage or any other preferred incense to purify the air more thoroughly from stagnant energy. While we do that, it would be nice to light a candle and say a small prayer or setting of intentions to clear our space and life of the past and our willingness to open to our higher good with the new that comes forth.
Now, if were already up to setting intentions and cleaning ‘house’, lets go further into cleaning our tendency of negative thoughts as we know by now they hinder our progress.
It takes some mental discipline, but setting our intentions and willingness is a good start, making a promise to ourselves to start checking on ourselves every time we find ourselves
wanting to move forward with our life but coming up with all kinds of negative inner chit chat..anything that pushes our progress to the sidelines..we dont want to do that to ourselves we? πŸ™‚
Remember also that focused energy can bring manifestation and dispersed energy, a mixed bag of our intention together with fears and doubts, cannot carry out the task ..
This does not disregard the need to honor what comes up for us, especially at this time , or any other, the emotions that come up are to be respected and given space, for us to see , understand and clear the way for new ways and new days πŸ™‚
Ceremonies are a lovely way to set intentions.Creating a scared space with a candle and tuning in to the Divine or our Higher selves and making an agreement to serve the true mission of our souls by letting go of that which does not serve our higher good and inviting all that supports what we wish to create is a beautiful thing to do ❀
Much Love








An essential part of our existence..

Each moment duality exists.

The truth..

that which calls out to us

is there..

for us to reach out to and embrace.

There is no need for anything to erase

nor chase.

Just follow that which calls you with Grace.. ❀

Art & Poetry/ Mia Leventhal


Choose Right ~




With world events coming up to clear our global belly`s turmoil or our own inner stuff coming up, it is essential to remember the Beauty in our creation, the Beauty that we All carry, the Beauty that is there right besides us in our daily existence.
It is our choice to focus on the beauty , cherish and nourish it.
I know sometimes it can be very difficult, but crucial all the same..especially if you can see how in doing so we take an important part in changing the game for us all.
Every time we focus on the beauty found , we are paying respect to our creation and existence, we are appreciating and immersing ourselves in this Beauty`s Β high vibration, carrying us upwards towards creating more beauty in our world for ourselves and for others.Can you see how one moment of appreciation can change the game in a magical way?
Take a deep breath..release all tension stored in your body..
If you can do this in a spot of nature, you can be easily reminded by the beauty of creation all around you..breathing fresh air..sounds of trees..water..birds..tuning into the the rhythm of nature brings us back to how we were all created..the Beauty of our Essence..
If you are in your own sacred space indoors, look around you for souvenirs that you cherish, their beauty and personal significance to you.Have you chosen symbols that have meaning to you to decorate your space? Focus on them and what they are there to remind you of..
Look at other certain objects in your possession..that certain chair..remember the funny moment you got it..fill yourself with appreciation for those little moments in which things just seemed to roll that brought fun and smiles to everyone involved..or that moment where youve had a certain instinct and followed it and things just worked out in a funny miraculous way..or those chance meetings with souls that brought us joy even if it was for a moment..there are oh so many beautiful things that occur on a daily level..sometimes we allow them to flee too quickly and fall underneath the weight of the heavier occurrences..but once again..our choice..what do we choose?What do we choose to focus upon and nourish to be able to stay in an elevated vibration..creating a better life for ourselves and others..Choose Right..choose the Light ❀
Blessings on your journey
Much Love


Healing the wounded belly of Humanity



Sending Love to Orlando, and to All places around the world in which wounded parts of humanity have turned to violence towards innocent lives.
May all lives be cherished.
May Peace among All , the Holy Sacred Value of our Creation be Respected and Restored.

May we connect to the belly of Humanity which connects us All and Heal our pain.
May we remember the Love that we Are,
That embraces each other as ourselves,respecting our creation and uniting as One unto the Light.Amen ❀
Much Love

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As I find myself with a lot of inner chit chat, I am reminded of this poem I wrote once..the words just came rolling back into my head..
If you feel any inner doubts fears or negativity..find some space of could be doing some calm craft or activity at the same time..but try to find some inner quiet..breathing into whatever comes up..even if it is unclear and chaotic..breathe into it..deeply and release..find your inner center of calm..unattached to any thoughts..and breathe through into this space..allowing an opening once again of hope freedom and light to enter..calm..and once again..reconnect to your true essence..
Much Love




In silence,

I speak to thee,
I know you hear me..
In silence,
I hear your call,
I shall not fall.
Savoring the moment, potent..
In silence
I allow
the beauty
to enfold,
the crust
to lose hold,
and the greatest treasure
to burst out in pure pleasure.
In silence
I am one
and in stillness
I shall become
the great masterpiece
I was meant to be..

A step in the direction of Dreams ~


Today is a Good Day to remember who we are πŸ™‚
The Collective energies lately have enabled a lot of clearing of the old..allowing for old emotional wounds to surface for us to process and heal.. also a lot of feelings of inadequacy as I posted recently.. resulting in a bit of a mishmash of feelings, not knowing if were in or if were out!
A lot of us are dancing back and forth with new ideas, ventures projects and with all this clearing going on , it seems a bit tough to find the courage to get it started πŸ™‚
So be gentle with yourself as you peak out the window of your vulnerability..take it nice and slow..but Do put one step in front of the other and decide to put your full intention into that which is truly you and the path that you wish to create..even if you dont have the full clear picture yet..thats do know the essence of who you are and what you wish to bring out into the world..thats a real good start!
Hang on to that Essence..focus on the feel of it..Devote a certain amount of time each day to that feeling..nurturing it in a Dreamlike state..perhaps you would like to do that in Nature..or maybe you would like to Create a cozy little sitting area just for you and your Dreamland..just like children do.. a Safe Space for Dreams..and Creativity to occur..your favorite Music..Crayons? Clay? Magazines? Writing? Dancing?
First step in manifesting Dreams is to allow them the space to be Created πŸ™‚
Today decide to honor a small part of each day to that space..and see what happens!
Otherwise, make one small focused step towards your dreams in a practical tiny step in the major decisions..just one small step and you will be in the game creating a new world for yourself..
Remember..You were Created with a mission..Honor your own Creation..Honor your taking one step in the Direction..
Blessings on your Journey
Much Love

*Image taken from Kahliya`s “Soul Inspiration” Message cards