Real ~


This weekend is the New Moon with some amazing energy  aiding in manifesting our dreams and the possibility of  huge transformation in a good way is in store..
To prepare us for this possibility..many of us feel these days  another shake if we`re going through another spin in the “washing machine ” 🙂
If we stick to our targets and to our center being, we know who we truly are and how much we wish to strip down the unnecessary and reach our pure selves for this is what we are being asked, to head forward into manifesting our dreams!
Our dreams are no more or less what we truly are, the mission and contribution we have to carry out within our existence.Our Dreams are in Fact our Reality 🙂
If youre feeling  “topsy-turvy” confused about that at this time..thats exactly where youre supposed to be able to confront what “reality”  you are in fact choosing..the one that you are “supposed” to be living, for it seems more comfortable for some to see you adhering to it..or YOUR reality..the one you may have let go of..forgotten..or havent had the courage to fulfill as of yet..
If youre at this crossroad of figuring it all out..youre in a good place to be..for it is time to weed out all doubt, fear and limitations ..its time to open the window to your true soul and soul`s purpose and let yourself fly ~

Take the time..within this “washing machine” release all that is not you..find the real you..have the courage to let go and dream again.. 🙂
You may not receive the encouragement you are looking for in your immediate open to new kinds of signs that come in to encourage your wishes and above all Be True to You..once you do so.. delightful  wings will help your flight!
Just dare to be YOU ❤
New Moon Blessings
Much Love



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