Created with a Purpose

In continuation to my prior post I would like to deliver a very Important Message.
Many of us are going through a rough patch..somewhat of a crossroads, in which we are confronted with our own deepest fears, lack of confidence and feelings of rejection.

It is crucial for you to understand that we are all part of the Whole of Creation..nothing in Creation is random or a mistake..we are all Intricately Weaved within our Existence in ways that some of us find it hard to grasp, but it is so.
In fulfilling whatever it is we are passionate about, we are bringing our existence to full force and as such we are fulfilling our Purpose here on Earth.
Many of us dont realize how much we influence others on a daily basis. Most of the time
this influence goes unnoticed as it is not expressed outwardly, but we are All, all day long absorbing energy through the behavior and example of others.Sometimes we dont even capture immediately what influenced us in what way until if and when we process it at a later time, sometimes we are just flowing through life and trying to keep it together..there are a million reasons why people may not acknowledge or mention what has influenced them, but the fact of our lives remains as such, we do absolutely influence each other..that is the way this Web of Creation is created.This is how we help each other evolve.

At times we may feel disheartened, perhaps unappreciated or even not accepted for all that we do, and we try and we try and we try..
Perhaps we are to Master our Will Power, our Strength and our Conviction, bringing forth our Truth even if it seems that it is not acceptable..
History has shown us that so many people with amazing innovative, “out of the box” ideas were dismissed at first by society and sometimes many times before they could breakthrough and manifest their ideas.
It is sheer Determination and the Pure Strong Belief in ones convictions that shines through in the end, even if we are being put to the test more than we feel comfortable with.
Many of us are here to bring forth light into places and situations in which some have forgotten the Beauty of Creations Light..the Beauty of their Own creation..this is not a task for the frail..If we do not believe strongly enough in this are we to encourage others..?
When you feel discouraged..Remember WHo You Are..
Remember that Creation is Behind you..
Creation has Created BE Exactly Who You Are and Deliver your Message to the World
We ALL Need Your Message
Blessings on your Journey
Much Much Love & Courage


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