A step in the direction of Dreams ~


Today is a Good Day to remember who we are πŸ™‚
The Collective energies lately have enabled a lot of clearing of the old..allowing for old emotional wounds to surface for us to process and heal.. also a lot of feelings of inadequacy as I posted recently.. resulting in a bit of a mishmash of feelings, not knowing if were in or if were out!
A lot of us are dancing back and forth with new ideas, ventures projects and with all this clearing going on , it seems a bit tough to find the courage to get it started πŸ™‚
So be gentle with yourself as you peak out the window of your vulnerability..take it nice and slow..but Do put one step in front of the other and decide to put your full intention into that which is truly you and the path that you wish to create..even if you dont have the full clear picture yet..thats ok..you do know the essence of who you are and what you wish to bring out into the world..thats a real good start!
Hang on to that Essence..focus on the feel of it..Devote a certain amount of time each day to that feeling..nurturing it in a Dreamlike state..perhaps you would like to do that in Nature..or maybe you would like to Create a cozy little sitting area just for you and your Dreamland..just like children do.. a Safe Space for Dreams..and Creativity to occur..your favorite Music..Crayons? Clay? Magazines? Writing? Dancing?
First step in manifesting Dreams is to allow them the space to be Created πŸ™‚
Today decide to honor a small part of each day to that space..and see what happens!
Otherwise, make one small focused step towards your dreams in a practical manner..one tiny step in the direction..no pressure..no major decisions..just one small step and you will be in the game creating a new world for yourself..
Remember..You were Created with a mission..Honor your own Creation..Honor your Mission..by taking one step in the Direction..
Blessings on your Journey
Much Love

*Image taken from Kahliya`s “Soul Inspiration” Message cards


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