Choose Right ~




With world events coming up to clear our global belly`s turmoil or our own inner stuff coming up, it is essential to remember the Beauty in our creation, the Beauty that we All carry, the Beauty that is there right besides us in our daily existence.
It is our choice to focus on the beauty , cherish and nourish it.
I know sometimes it can be very difficult, but crucial all the same..especially if you can see how in doing so we take an important part in changing the game for us all.
Every time we focus on the beauty found , we are paying respect to our creation and existence, we are appreciating and immersing ourselves in this Beauty`s  high vibration, carrying us upwards towards creating more beauty in our world for ourselves and for others.Can you see how one moment of appreciation can change the game in a magical way?
Take a deep breath..release all tension stored in your body..
If you can do this in a spot of nature, you can be easily reminded by the beauty of creation all around you..breathing fresh air..sounds of trees..water..birds..tuning into the the rhythm of nature brings us back to how we were all created..the Beauty of our Essence..
If you are in your own sacred space indoors, look around you for souvenirs that you cherish, their beauty and personal significance to you.Have you chosen symbols that have meaning to you to decorate your space? Focus on them and what they are there to remind you of..
Look at other certain objects in your possession..that certain chair..remember the funny moment you got it..fill yourself with appreciation for those little moments in which things just seemed to roll that brought fun and smiles to everyone involved..or that moment where youve had a certain instinct and followed it and things just worked out in a funny miraculous way..or those chance meetings with souls that brought us joy even if it was for a moment..there are oh so many beautiful things that occur on a daily level..sometimes we allow them to flee too quickly and fall underneath the weight of the heavier occurrences..but once again..our choice..what do we choose?What do we choose to focus upon and nourish to be able to stay in an elevated vibration..creating a better life for ourselves and others..Choose Right..choose the Light ❤
Blessings on your journey
Much Love


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