The Universe Salutes you


To all those going through pain coming up towards this full moon, please hang in there. Breathe into the pain that arises, breathe deeply and release. Try to allow yourself some some sacred comforting space in time and place.
Remember that the full moon brings another level of deep seated emotions to surface for us to face, heal and clear. The only possible way for us to heal is by embracing with love and acceptance as a part of our whole selves, and by doing this we learn to accept and understand more All THAT IS , aiding in the transformation of all that creates pain unto the Light.
This is a Sacred process.
Know that you are participating not only in your own gradual transformation towards your Full Light Being , but by consciously enabling this process, you are aiding in the Evolution Process of All of Humanity and this is a Great Honor.
Understanding this will help dissipate the frustration and conflict as you embrace the process will become smoother and more swift. Nevertheless , the pain is in direct correlation to what you are able to endure and transform and is no light affair.
Hold this experience as Sacred and offer yourself all the comfort you can while you focus on the Light.
Seclude yourself as much as possible from harsh energies, focus on stillness and calm, sooth yourself with soft calming music or even total quiet, the high vibration of calming natural essential oils, soothing crystals, eat simple and natural ,drink herbal teas and try avoiding stimulants,drink plenty of water to allow the flow and aid in the transformation and create as much as a comforting soothing space for you to go through this process.
Of course the soothing nature can help profoundly.
Please remember You are Precious and the Universe Salutes You as it is Grateful for your Existence, your Aware Presence and Willing Perseverance.
Blessings for a smooth transformation
Much Love
Channeled message from my Guides

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