Lets start today ~


At this time of Chaos in the world , we are all affected, no matter where we are.People all over are triggered in so many ways and bring those emotions into the circle of life..we all do..
We must remember not to give into fear and worry at this time.
We must remember that the vibration we carry is our contribution to the circle of life, we must make it a responsible one, for in doing this we are Creating Life.

Obviously it is very challenging, for Absolutely All of us..No one is secluded, but this is also an opportunity for us all, personally and globally, to release all that does not align with our pure higher core beings, for us to be able to shine our light and be who we are meant to be within the creation of Life, for ourselves and for our community.
Sometimes we may need to move on from certain people and situations, that may be stopping the flow of our own light,but not without a whole lot of compassion and forgiveness, for these days we shall no longer carry within or create without, more bitterness for any of us.

These days we must be more forgiving, remembering just how connected we all are, and how similar we all are, and how we are all going through so many challenges.
Remember some people have it sometimes harder than others, and some people have a harder time rising above… strive to find compassion for everyone, without trying to analyse or judge.Try to release as much as possible so that you can adhere to the flow of your own light and life`s mission, without hindrance.You owe that to yourself , to your creator and to your community.
Let us make a joint effort not to create more weight for anyone, creating a better flow for us all, more acceptance, more love.
Please remember at the end of the day, we all wish to be accepted, embraced and loved.
Give someone a break today, and you may have lightened his load..he may even pay it forward.
Lets create the world we wish for..Lets start today.
Much Love

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