Good Morning

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Good Morning ! 🙂

Some of you may be just waking up..and for some it may already be afternoon 🙂
Nevertheless I would like to talk to you about having a Good Morning to start your day 🙂

You may be used to drinking coffee or perhaps another drink to welcome you to the day..
I love coffee and as much as Ive tried to reduce my Cafeine intake , I still love having a good cuppa in the morning.. after a cup of Hot water and lemon as I rise.
Having part Oriental origins I go through phases in which I love my Dark Oriental/Mediterranean coffee with Cardamom!
Asides from your beverage I would like to talk about something more important ..

Some days you may wake up to your day not so hippie yay.. 🙂
Youve either had a bad nights sleep, perhaps worries..maybe even a nightmare..or maybe just within your resting time, you have received  ‘stuff’ from within to come up to be released,purified into more light..but in the process, youre still a bit on overwhelm.. Thats totally ok.
Give yourself a break.
Its essential to honor whatever it is you are feeling..give it space..and allow a gentle transition time towards your day , facing other people and your responsibilities.
Breathe…slow and deep and release the tension of what youre feeling.
Hold on before loading yourself with what lies need to clear this first , so that you can actually be more fully present for whatever it is you are to do.
Try to allow yourself this space just for you, even if it is a few minutes or more.
If you know yourself to need this time, create it in your time schedule to wake up 15 min or half an hour earlier than you actually need to enable this.Your soul and in fact , everyone you interact with will thank you 🙂
Actually you will be that much more efficient as well..
While you take this time and do your breathing
Be conscious of the space in between..and try to start recreating where you are at..creating that New space to greet a New Day. Upon releasing prior tension, start planting seeds of more positivity into your being, reminding yourself that whatever was making you feel heavy can make way for an opening of new opportunities if you just shift your mind set.
Breathing is key as it allows the transition releasing and inviting the new to enter..
Try to make your morning into a blessing in anyway you choose to, no matter how hectic your day is, this is truly an important part of your day, one that molds the energy that rolls with you throughout your will see, that if you have granted yourself this will feel more relaxed, more centered, more present and more inviting of Good towards all that you are about to encounter.
Please do make sure you eat a good nourishing breakfast as this will also help you achieve balance and energy for the day.
Wishing you a GOOD DAY 🙂
Today & Everyday
Warm Blessings



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