… for Mia …The Dance

Very grateful for the inspiring words by my Soul Brother Charlie
I have shared an old photo of mine encapsulating days of more courage to express my passionate soul.. and Charlie has transcribed my thoughts and aspirations into beautiful words of hope, life and love..for we are Eternal..
Thank you Charlie for your beautiful words!
May we all thrive in the wholeness of who we are..Amen

Reflections of Riverman

Mia Dancing 2

This morning I arrived on facebook and this photograph was a memory of a friend I only know through social media. A picture of her dancing in a public event and captivating some, while others look perhaps at another dancer.

She is also a poetess and  over the years we have inspired each other and co-created on many occasions in a resonance that is truly a part of our deeper Souls connection.

Many times those of us who are highly empathic and creative find ourselves looking back at what we have done. We wonder where parts of ourselves have either disappeared or how some things so meaningful and full of life, have faded away like a photograph over time.

She reminded me of my own journey and sense of self, which at times looks much like my bluejeans. Yes, well worn and ready for recycling.

Although I do not express…

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